SKT Bang: "It could be true that what we tried up to now was wrong, and what the others did was right."

In the 2018 LCK Summer Split Day 13, SKT T1 defeated kt Rolster 2-1. Bae “Bang” Jun-sik picked Morgana in both games they won and delivered stable performance. He contributed to the team victory with steady laning and by dealing a lot of damage with his ult in teamfights. It seemed like Bang had a lot to say during the interview.

The following is the interview with Bang.

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Q. You won, how do you feel?

We had a hard time recently. It’s a relief that we won. I think we would need to improve our weaknesses the next time.

Q. Why did you pick Morgana?

During practice, we thought that she was good. We thought it was a new ‘joker’ in picks & bans or in playing the game as well. We could say that we were able to have the opponents dumbfounded. Picking the unexpected has the highest winrate recently. I think Morgana was a good find.

Morgana is a champion that’s good at taking CS in the lane. It doesn’t really matter which champion the opponent picks. The marksmen have a hard time dealing damage in teamfights because of the popularity of the picks like Irelia, Aatrox, Vladimir or Swain in the recent meta. If the opponent picks a marksman, we can pick a bruiser champion like those, and put Morgana’s ‘Black Shield’ on that champion, which will make the fight easier. She’s also very fast in clearing the lane and even has a strong CC so the opponent feels pressured. Still, there could be variables in the picks & bans even if she’s really good. I think it’s important to understand better and to be prepared perfectly.

Q. You’ve started a winning streak after the 4-game losing streak, and your next opponent is Kingzone DragonX.

Now we know each other well. I think it’s important to put good use to the remaining time to practice. If we play against each other right now, I think they’ll be advantageous. They probably practiced during the time we were playing against KT. I also think they’re performance is better for now. We’ll become better if we practice hard enough.

Q. It seems like you’re trying out many different champions now.

It could be true that what we tried up to now was wrong, and what the others did was right. Our performance wasn’t really good either. Everything wasn’t good. Since we can’t stay in this state, we tried hard to catch up with the other teams’ comps, and we tried some new things too. I think we went slightly in a wrong direction at first. It seemed good when we practiced, but it was different in official matches. On one side, I think it’s interesting because there are new things every day.

Q. Which match had the biggest influence on the team?

After losing to Gen.G, all the teammates and coaching staff were really shocked. We thought that we’ll continue to fall behind if we stay like this. We tried a new thing against MVP, and it felt like that we were improving while we were preparing the match against Griffin. After losing Game 1 against them, we thought that we could do well in Game 2 but we weren’t able to win. Still, we all felt that we improved a lot while we were preparing for that match.

Q. You were one of the main carrying players for the team, but it seems like that’s changing.

The game changed a lot from what I used to think. The team play starting from the picks & bans became really important. Before, if a damage dealer just farms well and survives, they were able to carry and turn the game around, but now, that’s really hard. I think giving up the lanes, jungle monsters or objectives in the early game to stick to the team macro game brings better results. It’s true that I was confused a lot. In some comps, a marksman champion could deliver good performance. To sum up, I think making up good synergy team-wise is a lot more important now.

Q. Any last comments?

We’re really trying hard, but it’s hard to say that since all the other teams are also trying really hard. We’ll do our best to show our 100% performance in games so I hope you keep interest. Thank you for your support.

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