SKT Faker: "In my opinion, my Yasuo was at around 70% today."

On the 26th of June (KST), in the 2018 LCK Summer Split Day 13 match, SKT T1 defeated kt Rolster 2-1. SKT stopped their losing streak by defeating Jin Air Green Wings last week and succeeded to add a win.

Both teams picked traditional ADCs in Game 1. The game went to KT as they snowballed an early first blood. However, in Games 2 and 3, SKT’s bottom duo picked Morgana and Pyke. In Game 2, Faker’s Yasuo, and in Game 3, Effort’s Pyke delivered excellent performance and were voted as MVPs.

After the match, Faker and Effort were interviewed by SPOTV.


Q. Today’s match was the Telecom rival match. How was it?

Faker: When we beat Jin Air, we weren’t sure that if we’ll be able to beat KT. But after the match started, it seemed like we could win. Now that we won, our morale is a lot better than before and I think our results will get better from now on.

Effort: I’m happy that we were able to start a winning streak.

Q. You lost Game 1. How was the feedback after Game 1?

Faker: There were many mistakes, and the bot lane falling was a bit critical. Still, everyone consoled Effort and said it was alright. Our coach told him not to be nervous in Game 2.

Effort: The other players and the coaching staff told me that it’s alright. So I just prepared the next match with a refreshed mind. (Q. If they tell you it’s alright, does it really get alright?) For me, yes.

Q. How was the picks and bans? You picked Morgana and Pyke in the bot lane.

Faker: Up to the last season, the meta prioritized laning, so we picked champions that are strong in laning. This season, there aren’t many marksmen in the bot lane. We started practicing a lot more recently to find a good composition. I think our coaching staff put in enormous effort to find a good composition.

Q. (To Effort) How was it playing Pyke with Morgana?

Effort: We prepared a lot. We tried to find a pick that the opponent can’t predict.

Q. What kind of calls were there when you killed Baron in Game 2?

Faker: Sejuani was buffed, so now she kills objectives faster than before, so we just tried. I thought that the opponent won’t be able to think that we’ll go for Baron. We were surprised because of Ezreal’s ult though. His ults were very good today.

Q. Did you have trust in your teammates when they went for Baron?

Effort: I always believe them. I just did what they wanted to do.

Q. Many fans say that you two players are similar to each other. Your initials are both LSH.

Faker: We’re both quite quiet, but it’s a bit different if you look more carefully. Effort is nice, and I like leading. Effort is good at blending in.

Effort: I’m a person who’s good at listening. (Q. And Faker isn’t?) Faker is a good listener too, but I think I’m nicer. (Q. Are you saying Faker isn’t nice?) He’s nice. (Laughs)

Q. Even before Yasuo started to appear in the current meta, the many fans of the world wanted Faker to play Yasuo.

Faker: I don’t think my Yasuo was at 100% today. My teammates were really good. If I played better, I think I could have initiated teamfights more aggressively. I got many kills because our comp needed to have me scale. In my opinion, my Yasuo was at around 70% today.

Q. (To Effort) What do you think of Faker’s Yasuo?

Effort: He said 70%, and I wonder how it would be if he’s 100%.

Q. What did you think at the last teamfight in Game 2?

Faker: When the opponent came in to kill me, I thought that we won because our team was close together. Our position was good in that teamfight; we would have won no matter what.

Q. You picked Aatrox mid lane in Game 3.

Faker: Aatrox was played a lot in the current meta. So I practiced Aatrox because he seemed fun. After practicing a while, he seemed pretty good. As for today, we thought that he went along well with Morgana.

Q. Pyke was really good today.

Effort: Since Morgana is good in laning even alone, I was able to roam around freely.

Q. The fans support is really amazing.

Faker: It gives us a lot of energy when we hear the fans cheering for us. Recently, I wasn’t able to read all the cheering banners, but I’m always very thankful of the fans.

Q. This time, a question from the viewers: why do you wear long sleeves even in the summer? Aren’t you hot?

Faker: I’m quite skinny, so I don’t like short sleeves, and I do get cold rather easily. Even today, everyone said that they’re hot, but I wanted to turn off the air conditioning. I need to wear long sleeves so that I wouldn’t bother the teammates.

Q. You’ll be going to the Rift Rivals next month. Any comments regarding that?

Effort: Since we’re representing the LCK, I think we should have good results. I’ll do my best to prepare.

Faker: We weren’t that good in last year’s Rift Rivals. I really want to win this time. We had a hard time during the last MSI, but I hope we will be known again as the world’s best team.

Q. Your next match is against Kingzone. How do you think it’ll go?

Faker: In our current state, I think we’ll be able to win. During the 4-game losing streak, we were really bad, but now, it’s going to be different.

Q. Who do you want to share the victory with the most?

Effort: I want to share it with all the teammates. (Q. If you pick just one?) Wolf. He really helped a lot and found all the good picks. I’m really thankful to him.

※ Forum Fan Question by basafish:
Q. If you could go into the League universe, which champion do you want to be?

Faker: (Thinks for 5 minutes) I want to be Zilean. Because I want to control time.

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