Faker: "When it comes to playing all 5 roles, I can confidently say that I'm more experienced than any other player. "

The matchup between SKT T1 and Jin Air Green Wings on the 25th was important for both sides. It had been a while since SKT got positive results, but they finally came in strong during this series against JAG, taking a flawless victory with a score of 2-0. 

After their well-earned victory, we happened upon an opportunity to talk with Faker. 

You've finally secured your first split victory. How do you feel?

The match was very important. In order for us to advance to the playoffs, winning each and every game is crucial; I'm glad that we were able to win against JAG.  Also, our performance when playing against them wasn't bad at all -- I think we can remain positive about it, at least until our next game.

It was your second time playing in the botlane. How different is laning in the botlane when compared to playing in the midlane? Did Effort do a good job of protecting you?

When I play solo queue, I practice playing all 5 roles, so I just played like I normally would when I went botlane. As for Effort, he was very nervous when playing, but he still remained focused and played reliably -- it allowed me to play with ease. 

SKT seems to be the only team that really favors Skarner. 

During picks and bans, we take both side's team composition and our players' level of mastery of certain champions into consideration. Overall, I think we made the optimal choice. 

During the last series with Blossom, SKT played the Yi-Taric composition. Many fans were hoping to see you play Master Yi. Don't you want to play him?

It doesn't matter what I play. Having Blossom play Yi was a decision that was made after taking playing-experience and other factors into consideration. I believe that the team made the most optimal decision.

Looking at leagues overseas, players are frequently swapping lanes with their teammates. Are you confident that you can play top lane and jungle, too?

When it comes to playing all 5 roles, I can confidently say that I'm more experienced than any other player. Therefore, depending on the situation, I can play in every lane.

Although it has been a while, please tell us how you feel about reaching the no.1 spot in the solo queue ladder. 

I gained a lot of confidence upon reaching the no.1 spot. It's great. (Laughs)

In order to protect the no.1 spot, it's understandable that you'd take and play safe picks. However, you have been playing a wide variety of champions. 

Until 2014, I had played mostly orthodox and "normal" champions during solo queue. But ever since then, I found playing the same type of champions unappealing; it was more fun to play a wide variety of champions. I have always played both meta and off-meta champions, and I don't think that has and will change any time soon. 

During your stream, a user named, "SangHyeok Spine Protection Association" was really worried about your posture. How did you react when you saw that donation?

I agree that I have bad posture. I tried my best to change that, but it isn't as easy as it sounds. I'd like to ask everyone to try and straighten up their posture as well. 

Lastly, you will be facing KT Rolster next. Please give us some final words on your next match. 

It'll be important for us to win the telecom war in order for us to reach the playoffs. We'll focus more and give it our best. Thank you. 

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