FLY WILDTURTLE Gives His Thoughts On Doublelift's Diss On NA ADCs: "I could understand that statement. I mean… you are going back to NA ADCs so. "

On the 24th of June, Flyquest defeated OpTic Gaming with Lucian mid.

Having the first rough couple of games, it had seemed like Flyquest was on the same path as the last split. However using the new meta double jungle strategy, Flyquest was able to gain an early game lead and overcome OpTic.

With Lucian and Braum double jungling, Wildturtle showed what all his fans wanted to see. The ‘OG’ hyper carry Turtle. Going back to his roots, Wildturtle performed an amazing game on Lucian.

After the win, we got to sit down with Wildturtle and shared some of his thoughts on the current state of the game. Let’s see what he has to say about Flyquest’s state, outsmiting OpTic’s jungler, and Doublelift.


¤ How do you feel about your win today?

It could have been a lot better. I think Flyquest is a team that is not doing as hot as we want it to right now. We have a bunch of issues on how we view the game. It is really hard to pinpoint. Getting any wins right now is pretty shocking considering how bad we are (laughs).

¤ Before today’s win, Flyquest was 0-3. If you had to pinpoint, what do you think are the problems? Does it have to do with the meta or team synergy?

It is a little bit of both. Ever since the meta shifted, we never really adapted that well into the meta. We were double jungling at first, then dropped it and then picked it up again. We were pretty slow at adapting. Also, our team synergy is pretty bad. We couldn't make plays together as a team. We just had a bunch of issues already. When patch 8.11 came live, it kind of just threw our team in chaos. Although our scrims were okay, we still had a lot of issues to solve.

¤ Due to your past history as a hyper carry role on champions like Caitlyn and Lucian, it always seemed natural for Flyquest to attempt the double jungle.

Yeah, we are actually in the works on it right now. That was actually our first game with Taliyah bot and Lucian mid. The night before we said “Okay, we are not going to win standard. We have to think of some cheese s***.” (laughs). We decided on double jungle Lucian. Since it was my first time Lucian double jungle, I had to practice in customs before the game. I would say to myself “So, these are the camps I would want.” (laughs). I literally had no knowledge of what to do so.

¤ When you double jungle with Santorin, who is the player dictating the movement? Is it you or Santorin?

Uh, it is a little bit of both. For me, I always tell him what I want to do such as “I want to get this mid-wave before I do this camp.”. I was watching a lot of VODs before the game, so I was trying to re-enact what I was learning. The first 10 minutes for me was amazing. I got every camp I wanted, and I got the lead I wanted. It all went downhill for me once I stopped farming camps and started to group more. As long as we hash things out with the team, I believe we will do a lot better. I should have gotten a lot more gold than I had.

¤ Why Lucian? There are so many potential gold funneling picks right now.

Well, Kai’Sa is pretty bad. I didn’t know what else I could play comfortably in mid lane. Since Santorin doesn’t play Rakan, we couldn’t have done the Rakan-Xayah double jungle. As an ADC player, I just asked “Alright screw it. Just give me Lucian.” (laughs).

¤ How did you feel when you outsmited OpTic’s jungler as an ADC player?

I actually said to myself “Oh s***, I’m bad at smiting. Do not give me a 50-50.” But, I did what I had to do so.

¤ Flyquest is now 1-3. Where do you see your personal performance and your team’s performance over this entire split?

It is really hard to say right now. We are definitely improving week to week. However, the improvements are not as big as they look. Maybe in one game, we will have an epiphany and realize we are really good at the game. If that doesn’t happen, we would need some crazy miracle. Right now, we are not good at all.

¤ If you had to name 2 teams, one you want to face and one you didn’t want to face, which teams would it be?

The team that I don’t want to face is Golden Guardians just because we scrimmed against them so much. They know a lot of how we play. For the team I want to play against, I would pick C9 or Team Liquid. Solely because we might learn more about the game playing against them.

¤ What are your thoughts on Doublelift trash talking the NA ADCs a bit in the interview last week?

I think it is totally understandable considering he just played against all the best ADCs in every single region. Uzi played really well when I played against him 2 years ago. He is easily the best ADC I ever played against. But yeah, I could understand that statement. I mean… you are going back to NA ADCs so (laughs).

¤ Lastly, do you have anything you want to say to your fans and even doubters out there?

I have lost a lot of confidence in my plays, and my plays have been fairly inconsistent lately. I make some good plays every now and then, but it is definitely not where I want to be. I want to thank my fans for supporting me, and I really want to make them proud. I am doing everything in my power right now. I need to get to where I was before. If that doesn’t happen, I guess I’m just washed up.

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