KZ Peanut: "Viper is really really good.... He has an insanely wide range of champions that he’s good at."

On the 24th of June (KST), Kingzone DragonX defeated bbq Olivers 2-0 in the 2018 LCK Summer Split Day 12 Match 2 and got their 4th straight win. Kingzone dominated bbq the whole game.

The following is the interview with Han “Peanut” Wang-ho.


Q. You’re on a 4-game winning streak. How do you feel?

I think this winning streak is really good because we were able to defeat Afreeca Freecs and kt Rolster. The next match is against the 1st place team, Griffin so I’m worried a bit too.

Q. BBQ’s comp was interesting.

It felt like we’ve already won after the picks & bans. In game 2, they played the red team and they banned Kai’Sa and Master Yi so we thought we had the advantage. In the current meta, the most important thing is which comps we can use and having a counter against the opponent comps.

Q. You picked Nidalee in Game 1.

I picked her to balance out the AP/AD damage we have. Nidalee is quite alright against Trundle in the jungle. Since she’s a champion that I’ve played a lot before, I picked her.

Q. Your next opponent is Griffin, and they’re performance in the LCK is really good.

Viper is really really good. I think he’s the main reason that Griffin is ranked 1st. He has an insanely wide range of champions that he’s good at. Personally, I think mage champions are really good in the bottom lane and Viper is really good at them.

Q. Many fans are saying that your performance is getting better as the season is going.

After returning from the Asian Games, I thought that we should win against Gen.G no matter what, because Gen.G spent quite an amount of time without their head coach and bottom duo. I felt really sorry that we weren’t able to. However, that loss might have been the reason that we practiced harder.

Q. You and Score played in half the matches at the Asian Games.

Since finishing the competition at first place was the most important, I’m satisfied with the results. The others and the head coach would be thinking the same.

Q. You’ve been playing marksman champions at bot lane during your winning streak.

There are many teams that are using bruisers or AP champions in their ADC positions, but Gen.G was doing fine with marksmen. So we practiced marksmen more and the drafts weren’t bad to play marksmen so I think that’s why.

Q. Any last comments?

I feel really good since we had a 4-game winning streak after the MSI. I want to say thank you to all the fans that cheer for us. The schedule up ahead is quite tough, so I wish we can all exercise as a team. For now, only GorillA and I are exercising. I want to invite the others so that we can all be healthier.

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