KZ Khan: "I want to tell Griffin’s top laner, Sword, to wash his neck clean and wait."

On the 24th of June (KST), in the 2018 LCK Summer Split Day 12, bbq Olivers (BBQ) lost to Kingzone DragonX (KZ) 0-2 and failed to get their first win of the split.

Although BBQ took the first turret, Game 1 was very one-sided. Nearly nothing went as BBQ intended and KZ took the game without much trouble.

In Game 2, all players except the jungler selected Teleport in BBQ. However, it wasn’t enough to stop KZ. KZ took an early lead on global gold and didn’t allow BBQ to catch up. PraY collected his 1,500th kill in his LCK career and KZ succeeded to add another win in their record.

After the match, GorillA and Khan were interviewed by SPOTV.

Q. Congrats on the win today. How do you feel?

GorillA: I haven’t been picked as the MVP in a while so I feel rather numb. I wish I can get MVP again next time. I lost a lot of confidence recently because I don’t get much spotlight. I hope I gain confidence with this award today.

Q. How was it for you today, Khan?

Khan: I was rather very calm after the win today. I didn’t get hyped like other days after the win.

Q. In Game 1, there was a fight in the early game as GorillA roamed to mid lane.

GorillA: After they exchanged kills at mid lane, I said that I was going. If Irelia survived, Trundle would have just walked back, but he didn’t. So after that, I called for another kill on Darius and waited with Peanut on both sides.

Q. (To Khan) Do you have any memorable moments in today’s match?

Khan: I remember dying after trying to kill more raptors. That was memorable because I was sorry for dying.

Q. Why did you get to pick Renekton? How about your performance on Renekton?

Khan: We thought a lot about which champion would be good against Aatrox. We thought that Renekton could put in a lot of pressure to make it hard for Aatrox to even breathe. As of the most memorable moment, I think it was the triple kill.

Q. How about the moment you killed Camille in the early game?

Khan: I think Camille was careless that moment more than I was good. I think we should watch a moment that I was good. (Laughs) (Watches video) Then again, seeing it again, I think it was pretty sexy. (Laughs)

Q. PraY collected his 1,500th kill. Let’s have him up. (PraY walks in) Congratulations on the 1,500th kill. You’ve celebrated your sixth year anniversary recently. How do you feel?

PraY: Being active for long is pretty good, but as I play long, the players like Madlife that played before I did are disappearing, which hurts. I hope the players who are older than I am continue to do well, so that I can have hope.

Q. How long do you want Ambition to be active as a player?

PraY: Since Ambition won a championship at his age, I think I should be good until that age. (Laughs)

Q. What did you do for your 6th year anniversary?

PraY: That was an exciting night. We went to the gaming house, practiced, and went to bed. (Laughs)

Q. We’ve always known that KZ was a strong team, but the other teams are on a good roll. Your next match is against Griffin. They’ve shown confidence in an interview before, how do you think it’ll go?

GorillA: I’m not very good at the strong comments, so I’ll let Khan speak.

Khan: Griffin is probably practicing hard in their gaming house, and they’ll probably see this interview later on. I want to tell Griffin’s top laner, Sword, to wash his neck clean and wait.

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