[KR Reactions LCK] SKT vs JAG: "I don’t remember how long it’s been since Faker smiled last...T_T"

※ SKT T1 vs Jin Air Green Wings

- Game 1 -

▶ What am I looking at? Why is Blank playing Rakan… and without Smite?
└ Bang with Smite isn’t even surprising anymore.
└ If they lose with this, how are they gonna bear all the criticism?
└ Jin Air is also a team without wins. LOL
└ The stage to decide who’s worse.

▶ What a downfall for SKT. They didn’t feel much pressure against teams like JAG last season.. Except for that longest game ever.
└ JAG was like that always, and SKT came to this state over three seasons.
└ Why is Effort’s thumbnail in the jungle? I just started watching… can someone explain?
└└ No one knows…

▶ (Fight at 12 mins) Wow… That was like the Faker I used to know.
└ That was a bit like old times.
└ What’s weird now is that he’s the national team mid laner, but he’s at bottom.
└ SKT, will they finally win…?
└ Why isn’t Kakao taking any Scuttle Crabs?
└└ When Kakao was in his prime, Scuttle Crabs didn’t exist.

▶ So JAG for the no-win team!
└ SKT can’t lose this. They took 7 Scuttle Crabs and gave up none.
└└ JAG took none?
└└└ Scaling Faker and Bang worked out this time. It might not work from the next game.
└ It seems like the team gave him Xayah because Bang was grumbling about the ADCs dying out.

▶ Will they finally get their first win?
└ There’s more interest in which team will not get a single win than which team will become champions. Now it’ll be the fierce matchup between JAG and bbq.
└ I think bbq will win without much trouble.
└ If they lose today, Faker’s salary should be cut in half.
└ I don’t remember how long it’s been since Faker smiled last...T_T


- Game 2 -

▶ Why are you picking Skarner again??
└ They’re thinking they’ll win if they play like long ago since they won Game 1.
└ I’m really getting fed up with their losing picks & bans…
└ People don’t think that they’ll win the match even though they won Game 1. LOL.
└└ Isn’t it obvious? It’s Blank + Skarner!

▶ Why are they losing Game 2 after winning Game 1?
└ Do you know there’s only one championship that SKT hasn’t achieved?
└└ What’s that?
└└└ Challengers Korea championship.
└└└└ So that’s why they picked Skarner.

▶ This is so funny. SKT hasn’t got much better, but JAG is playing a lot worse than that.
└ SKT is ‘suffering’ a win from JAG.
└ SKT is gaining win points, but it doesn’t seem like they want the points.
└ But are they winning? Why is JAG leading global gold?

▶ I’m wondering. They took all the drakes, and have more kills. Why isn’t there much difference in the global gold?
└ SKT always caught up well with the opponent gold
└└ Even when they were winning??
└└└ Always.
└└└└ ROFL

▶ Right. This is SKT. Never let a game go easy. They would have won easily, but they’re not letting that happen.
└ LMAO. Why is this so funny?
└ They’re really not letting JAG lose easy.
└ They’re really trying hard to make a hard win with teamfights. Clever.
└ Seriously, what are they doing when they have both Baron and Elder??

▶ 10K Global gold difference and such a close teamfight...
└ Now I can’t really tell which team is good or bad.
└ From what point went wrong in this game?
└ Zoe died. Now it should come to an end.

▶ Whatever happened, SKT took a win. JAG is like the absolute last place team, and SKT beat them in a very close match.
└ It was a desperate match.
└ The proud SKT doesn’t allow winning easily.
└ They should be having a party for JAG on continuing the losing streak.


※ bbq Olivers vs Kingzone DragonX

- Game 1 -

▶ I don’t think we need to watch this match to know the results..
└ The people who want to know how bad they’ll lose and those who expect miracles are gathered here.
└ Even if KZ’s performance is bad, they won’t….
└└ bbq always has a secret weapon.
└└ bbq sold a lot of chicken because of the World Cup. They have more money to invest on finding a new strategy.

▶ So why did they pick Blitzcrank?
└ You know, with IgNar, it seems like something will happen.
└└ Like Madlife?
└└└ Yeah, but nothing happens.

▶ They’re losing so smoothly.
└ Not much to see.. Just as expected.
└ They’re gobbling them up as if they’re fried chickens.
└ No fun this match. It’ll end like this.

▶ Such a comfortable win for KZ.
└ What’s Khan eating?
└└ Maybe chicken?
└ The level of performance is too different. No fun here.

- Game 2 -

▶ Finally, bbq has that Birdio skin…
└ It’s alright if they lose now. They did enough.
└ The biggest fun that bbq can deliver…
└ I wish they win just once…
└ If they win the world championship, they’ll probably give out free chicken to everybody in the country.

▶ No lanes are winning. Even the jungle is destroyed.
└ It’s like watching Sweden vs Korea in the World Cup.
└ I’ll bet on that the game will end in 30 minutes.
└ At least that Birdio did something...

▶ Well, they’re putting up a pretty good fight.
└ It seems like something’s working out since Ghost is playing a support champion.
└└ That ADC who plays everything well except for marksmen champions…
└└└ He was pretty good with Vladimir before. Not today.
└ And bbq gets the kills, but KZ wins the game.

▶ Renekton bought Essence Reaver
└ Now, if he uses his ult, he’ll use his skills at least three times…
└ That really doesn’t seem to mix with Renekton but it’s soooo efficient.
└ He’s smashing everyone. LOL.
└ And Ghost is going with Nashor’s Tooth…

▶ That Renekton seems really fun… Should I try..?
└ YOU can’t be like that. You’re not Khan.
└└ And the opponent isn’t bbq.
└└└ The opponent would probably be better than bbq.

▶ It’s over. Not much unpredicted events.
└ Just look for bbq when you want chicken.
└ The commentators are getting off work really early. Good for them.

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