Sangyoon on Playing ADCs: "I've been playing a lot of AP champions, and I noticed that in a lot of the situations, they are at a disadvantage during the laning phase when playing against an ADC."

Sangyoon comes forth that it was his fault that his team couldn't destroy the enemy Nexus in game 2. 

On the 23rd, at the OGN eStadium, the 11th day of the '2018 LCK Summer Split Round 1' took place. On the 2nd series of the day, HLE defeated AFs with a score of 201. Sangyoon had played a lot of traditional ADC champions to lead his team to victory. In game 2, although HLE had lost, he displayed stellar performance on Kai'Sa. 

The following is an interview with Sangyoon.

How does it feel winning after a full series?

I was devasted when we lost in game 2 because I refused to hit the enemy Nexus. Despite my huge mistake, we won. I'm really, really glad.

You have been playing a lot of AP champions recently. But today, you decided to play the traditional ADCs. 

I've been playing a lot of AP champions, and I noticed that in a lot of the situations, they are at a disadvantage during the laning phase when playing against an ADC. When you consistently play and play against new strategies, you naturally develop a way to counter them. So I went back to playing ADC champions.

In game 2, your team played the Kai'Sa-Braum comp. Unlike the last time that you guys played it, you weren't able to hold a lead against the enemy team for long today. 

We went wrong during picks and bans. But in some ways, some things were better today than before. In the beginning, we secured a kill in the toplane. Also, we swapped Syndra and Singed because we made the judgment that Singed would have an easier time in the botlane. Therefore, our botlane wasn't pushed as hard as last time. Most of these were spontaneous decisions, but it all worked out. 

The reason why we weren't able to hold a lead was that we didn't have any support champions with heal and/or shield. Because of our team composition, I had to do many things alone as Kai'Sa.

In game 2, you guys failed to destroy the enemy Nexus. It only had a sliver of health left. 

My teammates kept shouting, "Nexus!" I had thought that we couldn't destroy it... It was my mistake.

Game 3 was really drawn out. 

Games with ADC champions are normally really long. The enemy team's composition was basically all AD. Even if Gragas was AP, I knew that we'll win no matter what if we fight after hitting level 16. We just had to get to that point without making any major mistakes. That's why we played carefully until then. 

With this victory, you guys have secured your 3rd consecutive win. Any predictions moving forward?

We played against five different teams, and to be honest, we could've probably beat them all; it wouldn't have been odd to have won against all of them. If we continue to refine our plays moving forward, I think we can reach an even higher place. 

Lava seems to be improving at a very fast pace. Can you feel that while playing with him?

I believe that he has grown a lot as a player. 

Lava enjoys looking for kill opportunities when playing. Due to that habit, we almost ran into a big problem in game 3. If he fixes that mistake, I think he'll be one of the best midlaners.

Your next opponent is MVP, a team that has been showing great performance recently. 

Although MVP is in high spirit due to their recent wins, so are we; we defeated AFs, a top team. As long as we don't throw, I think we can win. 

Any last words?

Our staffs often visit the stadium to see us play. I want to thank them for always caring for us. Also, for the fans: please cheer for us!

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