[KR Reactions LCK] "Lava is really standing out today. It feels like I'm looking at the old Faker"

KT vs. Gen.G

Game 1

- After a full spin, we're back to ADCs. KT went back as well.
ㄴA chaotic meta they said.
ㄴGen.G would be really strong in a traditional matchup.
ㄴRuler's recent performance is out of this world. KT will probably lose.

- KT is playing so well right now... what happened?
ㄴKT is actually a good team when not playing in a regional qualifier. 
ㄴGen.G is also doing a good job enduring KT's push lol.
ㄴIf it was SKT, I'm pretty sure they would've already lost an inhibitor. 
ㄴBoth teams are dealing a similar amount of damage in teamfights. Such a close game.

- We've now hit the 25-minute mark.
ㄴThe mark where KT starts to fall off.
ㄴI think KT will win? But only game 1.
ㄴIt's weird seeing Gen.G lose now lmao.

- Winning with the golden Yasuo...
ㄴAs expected from an Asian Games contending jungler.
ㄴDespite the matchup being a more traditional one, there were a lot of fights. The tempo of the game was really fast too.
ㄴThe Asian Games representatives are playing really well.

Game 2

- Ruler on Smite Kai'Sa?!
ㄴI saw his match history. He was practicing it.
ㄴWhat do we have here? Ambition is back in the midlane.

- Gen.G's early game is really bad. The team needs to delay the game until Kai'Sa scales into the late game. 
ㄴKai'Sa's growth is really slowed down too.
ㄴYeah, Kai'Sa isn't scaling fast enough, despite having taken Smite.
ㄴIn the end, only Kai'Sa needs to scale, so it's too soon to say that they lost.

- The gold gap is getting bigger... Gen.G is slowly losing.
ㄴGen.G is giving up every objective... eventually, they'll just die out, regardless of how strong Kai'Sa is.
ㄴI think Ruler has played Smite Kai'Sa before, but I don't think the rest of the team knows how to play around her. 
ㄴThat's exactly how I feel. They're just playing what seems good without enough practice. 

- I think this will be an easy 2-0 in favor of KT. No upsets like the Griffin vs. SKT match.
ㄴBecause KT isn't a weak team like SKT lmao.
ㄴPressuring all three lanes... that's Gen.G's signature strategy, isn't it? They're losing to their own style.
ㄴIt has been a really long time since Ambition has seen play. In addition, he's back in the midlane. Imagine how he'd feel right now... I bet he just wants to leave the game.

- Gen.G is losing 0-2? What's going on lol.
ㄴSmite Kai'Sa isn't always the best choice.
ㄴKT did a great job against it. They consistently pressured the Kai'Sa, not allowing her to farm efficiently.
ㄴNo matter how much I think about it, I don't think Gen.G practiced the Kai'Sa comp well enough. 
ㄴAt this point, I think we can all agree that every team has a team that they're weak to, lol.

HLE vs. AFs

Game 1

- A fight between two top teams.
ㄴI don't think that there is set "meta" right now. Also, in a way, today's meta is not that different to the meta from the past. 
ㄴThat's why we're getting a lot of variety nowadays. 
ㄴI can't tell which team will win. AFs does look stronger though.

- Although HLE seems to be having a better time this game, the difference is minimal. Although they're snowballing, they aren't making any impactful plays. 
ㄴI'm starting to fall asleep...
ㄴTusiN is making stellar plays regardless of the situation.
ㄴWolf, losing yet again.

- Lava is really standing out today. It feels like I'm looking at the old Faker.
ㄴWhy "old" Faker?
ㄴBecause the Faker now is worse than Lava?
ㄴWoah, I was dozing off, but how did the game become so one-sided?

- I feel like AFs had a good start only because they adapted fast to the current meta. Now that the other teams have caught up with the meta, AFs started to fall off.
ㄴNot really... you can't expect them to win 100% of the time... 
ㄴEven if HLE wants to lose and throws, I don't think they'll lose. 15,000 gold differential at 28-minutes...
ㄴThe yellow hair of victory!

Game 2

- I can't even tell what kind of a team composition HLE is trying to build. They have Kai'Sa, but they didn't invest a whole lot in her. 
ㄴIt's probably because AFs is a formidable opponent. It'll be too risky to invest everything into her.
ㄴA two-track tactic.
ㄴSangyoon had the best game of his life recently, and I don't think he could let go of that feeling.
ㄴBut what's up with the Singed and Tahm Kench?

- HLE's lane swaps are so weird lmao. Mid went Top, Top went Bot, and the ADC went Mid...
ㄴWhen players introduce themselves in an interview, revealing their role/position will be weird now.  
ㄴAFs has the advantage right now, but we won't know for sure until we hit the late game mark. 
ㄴI can't seem to predict anything this match. 
ㄴThe cameraman is shifting the camera angle constantly lmao. I don't think he wants to receive flak for missing out on stuff. 

- Did you guys order chicken?
ㄴThis game isn't important enough for me to order chicken
ㄴWe'll need to watch the world cup later...?
ㄴWe still have 3 hours until then. You already ordered your chicken?
ㄴThere will be a lot of orders today, so you'll have to order your chicken ahead of time. 
ㄴWtf is that Singed lmao. He's diving in so deep.
ㄴSinged with the first goal lol.

- I just realized, Yasuo's Wind Wall blocks Tahm's tongue as well. 
ㄴHis tongue is going to bleed T_T.
ㄴIt blocks everything lmao.
ㄴI just lol'd imagining Tahm's tongue reflected by a wall of wind, lmao.

- AFs has more gold and have destroyed more towers. But when seeing that Kai'Sa scaling...
ㄴIt looks like Kai'Sa will end up carrying.
ㄴHLE is showing a lot of fun things today lol.
ㄴBraum and Tahm are level 9... Kai'Sa is level 15...

- (AFs Wins a Big Teamfight) What's going on?
ㄴTusiN played so well. He did everything for the team.
ㄴHLE was going to win with how things were going. 
ㄴYou can't let your guard down... AFs also has a strong team composition.

- LOL What's going on? 
ㄴI thought the game would go on for at least another 10 minutes...
ㄴIn one swoop, they take down the Nexus, lmao. 
ㄴHLE games are freaking fun to watch lol.
ㄴThis match was so weird lmao.

- (AFs Wins Another Teamfight) Let's go to game 3!
ㄴWow, HLE was acting like they were the winners the whole game. Look what happened now lmao. 
ㄴThis game was not of this world.
ㄴThecasters probably want to go and watch the world cup, but they can't now lmao. 

Game 3

- I'm guessing the last match will be a traditional matchup? When was the last time we saw Braum-Sejuani?
ㄴA single mistake will cost a team the series. I don't think they'll gamble with that.
ㄴI can't tell if Irelia is a good pick. Her winrate isn't even good.
ㄴI think they picked it because they have no other champions to pick from.

- The god of loss started the game with two kills.
ㄴWon't Zoe completely shut down due to having lost to Irelia?
ㄴI can't tell how the game will go.
ㄴDid you guys order chicken though?
ㄴI did. BBQ chicken. 
ㄴBBQ wins without even playing.

- Kiin was heavily pressured last game. It feels like he's angry about that, lmao.
ㄴLook at Mundo receiving the beatdown of his life T_T.
ㄴThe Korean representative toplaner... so strong...
ㄴWhen will this silence end?
ㄴWas Kai'Sa banned this game?

- We're 25-minutes in and the gold differential is under 100. Wtf?
ㄴBoth teams are probably super tense right now lmao.
ㄴBoth teams are hard to find openings in, so they're probably super focused.

- 40-minutes in, and we're still in the same situation, lmao.
ㄴA single mistake will cost a team the game. They're all playing scared.
ㄴAFs is a bit stronger in terms of items, but HLE is a superior teamfighting comp.
ㄴOH! They started fighting!
ㄴThe game finally ends.
ㄴA single fight was all it took to end the game lmao. What in the world.

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