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Ian on Pineapple Toppings: "I’m sure that I’m getting flamed right now. Please, try it before saying anything. (laughs)"



On the 22nd of June (KST), MVP defeated Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) 2:0.


MVP showed some quality performance in teamfights and managed to sweep the series. In game 1, Ian managed to predict and kill a recalling Trundle with his Zoe, which was indeed the highlight for the game. Max showed some unbelievable reflexes on his Rakan in game 2. He managed to quickly close down on the opponent Kai’Sa and instantly killed her. This was the key play for the game since it directly connected to MVP destroying the enemy Nexus.


After the match Ian and Max were interviewed by SPOTV GAMES.

Q. What’s your thoughts on today’s victory?

Ian: I wasn’t in my best shape on game 1. I was lucky… I gradually recovered my performance.

Q. Max’s Pyke came for a Mid gank.

Ian: Yeah, he did. Max said that he’ll gank Mid. I was getting ready by erasing a ward. I thought that the opponent was quite vulnerable for a gank, so I called him right away.


Q. So, who made that call?

Ian: Well, I think we both did. (Max: Nah, he did.)


Q. You killed Trundle when he was recalling. How did you know he was there?

Ian: If he was a person, I thought that position would be the best place to make a recall. I was kind of excited at that moment and accidently said a bad word…

Q. Why did you choose Pyke?

Max: I thought that Pyke was good against Alistar; it was easy to evade his W - Q combo. The coaching staff had faith in me and let me use him this match.


Q. You were known for your versatility. But, in this meta, everyone is using different champions in different lanes. What are your thoughts on this?

Max: Everyone is trying out new champions… So, I thought that I should at least be the one stick to what I was good on. That’s why I’m only using my previous picks.


Q. Game 2 was all about the teamfight near the Baron.

Max: I was using the Unsealed Spellbook, so I changed my spell to Smite. We had 2 Smites, so the team hit the Baron. We were confident.


Q. I heard that you were a big fan of Hawaiian Pizza. What fruit topping do you prefer?

Max: I went to a pizza restaurant near our house. One day, they put blueberries on my pizza. From that day on, I never visited that place. Well, I personally prefer shrimps.


Ian: I just only like to put pineapples; if there are other toppings on it, it ruins the taste. Okay, I’m pretty sure that I’m getting flamed right now. Please, try it before saying anything. (laughs) 


Q. You have your head coach’s portrait picture on you monitor.

Max: It does help improve my concentration.


Q. The team is going against HLE. What are your thoughts on this matchup?

Ian: I think we’ll be better.


Max: I think we shouldn’t count our chickens just yet; we still have more to improve. These days HLE Lava is performing very well, so Ian needs to feel some pressure…


Q. Any words for the fans?

Ian: Aloha! I’m always thankful for your support and we’ll try our best to show good performance. Thank you.

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