GRF Tarzan on the Win Against SKT: "I thought that as long as we don’t make mistakes, we’ll win."

Griffin is now on a 5 game winning streak.


On the 2018 LCK Summer split round 1, day 10, Griffin (GRF) defeated SKT T1 (SKT) 2:0. On today’s match, they used the ‘Master Yi - Taric’ composition on game 2. Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong showed a concrete performance on his Master Yi and led the team to victory.


The following is the interview with Tarzan.


Q. The team won against SKT and is on 1st place. What are your thoughts?

I felt pressured before the match. Now I feel good because we got an easy victory.


Q. On game 1, the team focused on late-game using Kai’Sa. How did you feel about withstanding until late-game?

The team made a lot of mistakes in early-game. Still, the team thought that we had chances of winning, so we went from behind and claimed the victory.


Q. Before going against SKT T1, what did you talk about with your teammates?

I think everyone were pressured. However, I thought that as long as we don’t make mistakes, we’ll win. There were a few mistakes, but it’s okay since we’ve won.


Q. The team used the Master Yi - Taric comp in game 2. How does the team rate this comp?

The Master Yi - Taric comp is a surprise pick; that’s why you need to practice using the comp as well as finding a counter against it. In practice, the Master Yi - Taric comp was okay but instead, problems occurred in other lanes. That’s why we thought the Master Yi - Taric comp was good to use.


Q. The two mid laners in your team are usually getting subbed in and out. Is the teamwork with them okay?

I have no problems playing with both of them.


Q. The team went against rather weak teams. Now you’re going to go against stronger teams. What are your thoughts?

We have to prepare more. We are going to focus on not making mistakes.


Q. Now you are in 1st place. The team is perfoming well compared to the performance from other promoted teams in the past. Did you think the team will be this good before the split?

Since we didn’t have any experience, we were not sure about what would happen in the split. We’ve managed to win 5 games and currently are in 1st place. It’s like a dream for me.  


Q. People say that Griffin has adjusted well to the current meta. Would the results have been the same even if the meta didn’t change?

Well, the results would have been the same even if the meta didn’t change. We’ve shown concrete performance in the past as well.


Q. As the meta changes, some teams are failing on performing well. What would be the reasons for it?

If a surprise meta appears, a team must have a full understanding on the meta and build data on it in order to prepare strategies. Probably the underperforming teams’ data might have been vague or inaccurate.


Q. Why did you choose to use Tarzan as your nickname?

Well, Tarzan really goes well with Jungle.


Q. Any last remarks?

I want to thank the fans for their support. We’ll prepare well for the match against Kingzone.

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