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GRF Viper: "It’s such an honor [to be called the 'next Faker']. I think I’m lucky because the current meta is making me shine."



On the 22nd of June (KST), Griffin (GRF) defeated SKT T1 (SKT) 2:0.


SKT had the clear advantage on game 1. They snowballed quickly in early-game and managed to destroy 2 inhibitors. However, GRF endured the opponent’s pressure and focused their resources on their “Smite Kai’Sa”. Eventually, she hit her late-game power spike. GRF started to dominate teamfights and came from behind to close down the game.


After the match Viper and Lehends were interviewed by SPOTV GAMES.


Q. The team came from behind and won the game on game 1. Was this part of your plan?

Viper: If I managed to play better it would have been an easier match. Well, my teammates had faith in my performance.


Q. What were the team calls near the Baron pit on game 1?

Viper: We thought that we’ll gain the advantage once we manage to win a single teamfight.


Lehends: We did make mistakes. However, we said to ourselves, “Let’s just try to win one teamfight. It’s okay. If we don’t make [more] mistakes, we can win this game.”


Q. Things are different compared to your last matchup against SKT in the KeSPA Cup. You’re team is now on a winning streak. What are your thoughts on this?

Viper: Today was definitely a tough match for us. We thought that we had to win this match in order to get to a higher point. We felt more comfortable today compared to when we went against them in the KeSPA Cup.


Q. On game 1, you went very aggressive near the opponent’s top inhibitor. What were the team calls on the situation?

Viper: Our comp was highly focused on Kai’Sa, so I thought that it would become difficult for the team if I didn’t initiate a fight. There weren’t any calls beforehand; I just said that “I’m going to initiate a fight.” That’s all.


Lehends: There weren’t a lot of calls at that point; it was based on our instincts. We made calls after the fight occurred.


Q. Was your item build on Kai’Sa planned beforehand?

Viper: Our comp was focused on Kai’Sa. In situations like this, as long as she can survive long enough in teamfights, things become so much better. That’s why I focused on my survival. Our team, especially our Mundo, was strong as well, so I didn’t use traditional item builds and simply focused on survival.


Q. When the team fought near the Baron, what were the team’s expectations?

Viper: When the four of us first hit the Baron, we tried to call for Mundo to join us. We knew that the opponent would engage for a fight. Still, we knew that we’d win. That’s why the team hit the Baron.


Q. Was the ‘Master Yi - Taric’ comp a bait? What were your thoughts on the comp?

Lehends: As long as we don’t make mistakes, I thought we’d win using the Master Yi - Taric comp and with the Braum - Kai’Sa comp as well.


Q. Ruler mostly goes for the traditional ADCs. Did you think you’d be good on those champions as well?

Viper: Um…I thought, “why use ADCs?” I was confident on traditional ADCs and any other champion as well. I think they [traditional ADCs] can be picked based on the situation.


Q. What do you personally think was the best play in game 2?

Lehends: Probably the 3-man Shadow Dash taunt?  And, when Viper died, I went beyond the bottom 1 tier turret and stopped the minion wave in order to not give away the first turret gold. I think these two plays were the best.


Q. In the LoL community, fans are starting to call you as the “next Faker”. What are your thoughts on this?

Viper: Wow… It’s such an honor. People think of the ADC position as a rather conservative role since players use the same champions. I think I’m lucky because the current meta is making me shine.


Q. GRF is going against KZ next Tuesday. What are your thoughts on the matchup?

Viper: KZ is such a strong team, so it’s going to be a tough match for us. I think we can give out a good result as long as we stick to what we’ve prepared.


Lehends:  The KZ players are like beasts. It’s a complicated feeling; I feel pressured and at the same time I really look forward to go against them. As long as we don’t make mistakes, we can beat any team.


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