KT Deft: "In solo queue, there are 2 types of ADC players. One that never gives up the role, and another that can play other roles."

On the 21st, during the 9th day of the '2018 LCK Summer Split Round 1', KT Rolster defeated bbq Olivers with a score of 2-0. With this win, KT put an end to their losing streak. During the series, Deft played Swain and Mordekaiser, displaying careful positioning and few to no mistakes. 

The following is an interview with Deft.

How does it feel putting an end to your losing streak?

The meta has really changed. A lot of us were bummed about the poor results on stage. Although our victory today wasn't the cleanest, I'm glad that we were able to put an end to our losing streak.

Despite the score being 2-0, as you've mentioned, the victory wasn't clean. Why?

In the early game of both games, we were able to play as we had planned. However, we started making personal, individual mistakes afterward. Our shotcalls were also all over the place, so we weren't able to exert our best performance. 

Can you tell us the biggest mistake that you guys had made today?

We fought a teamfight in enemy terms.

In that kind of situation, when a teammate makes a mistake, you have to sometimes make a bold decision; you have to abandon them. However, we all decided to fight... that was a bit disappointing. 

Your team has made poor results with Mordekaiser. Why did you guys decide to pick him again?

We looked at the enemy composition and made the judgment that an ADC champion wouldn't be able to have an impact in the game. Once you take the lead during the laning phase on Mordekaiser, it becomes really easy to snowball. That's why we picked him.

There are a lot of people stating that KT could probably perform better with a traditional ADC composition. Why aren't you guys doing so?

In game 1, we picked botlane Swain to complete the teamfighting aspect of our team composition. In game 2, Mordekaiser was a better fit for the matchup; that's why we didn't pick an ADC champion.

It looks like you guys are really uncomfortable with how the meta is right now. As an ADC player, what's your opinion?

In solo queue, there are two types of ADC players. One that never gives up the role, and another that can play other roles. I'm the former type... I should've played other things when I had the chance. (Laughs) I'm having difficulties trying to adapt. Also, personally, I find this meta really uncomfortable. However, I'm not discouraged by it, I'll continue to practice until I adapt perfectly. 

Your next opponent is Gen.G Esports. It's a team that prefers ADC compositions over the "new" meta comps. What kind of a series are you expecting?

There are teams that prefer playing ADC champions, and those that don't. Our team is half and half. GEN builds their composition around their botlane, so I think we'll have an easier time during picks and bans. 

Any last words?

I had a personal goal before the Summer Split. But due to having to focus so much on the changed meta, I pushed the goal back. I'm going to focus on trying to change my mindset and fix my bad habits. So please cheer for me!

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