KZ Khan: "Right now, the botlane isn't really skill-based. It's more dependent on picks and matchups."

On the 21st of June, Kingzone DragonX defeated Afreeca Freecs with a score of 2-1.

Kingzone secured their 3rd win of the split. Throughout the series, KZ utilized the traditional ADC comp, in which they found success in. In game 1, Bdd displayed stellar performance on Zoe, constantly applying pressure to the enemy team. In one moment, he had burst down the enemy jungler who was at nearly full HP. In game 3, Khan received the MVP title for his performance on Kled. He frequently hid in the jungle to ambush enemy stragglers. These plays applied tons of pressure onto the enemy team, eventually pushing them into a corner.

After the series, the two MVP titlists, Khan and Bdd, were invited for an interview with the OGN casters.

Please greet your fans!

Bdd: It feels great that we beat such a strong team. We'll make sure to prepare well for the next match!

Khan: I'm Kim "Khan" Dong-Ha, a player that just performed really well in the last game.

Exactly which part did you perform "well" in?

Khan: Whenever all the players grouped to do something, I hid to ambush an opponent. It worked every time -- I ambushed LeBlanc near the red buff, and Graves near wolves.

Bdd, your performance on Zoe was really impressive. But at the same time, the enemy midlaner also did pretty well. 

Bdd: It kind of angered me when the enemy midlaner got MVP on Zoe in game 2. But I did pretty well in game 1, so it's okay. (Laughs)

Zoe's damage is really unpredictable. I'd say that it's hard for even the player to estimate it correctly. How is it for you?

Bdd: I had a hard time predicting her damage in my earlier days, but now, I can more easily see possible kills whenever I play her.

In the LPL, midlane Kled made an appearance. However, it was used specifically as an Akali counter over there. Did that inspire you to play Kled? What got you to play him?

Khan: CuVee has been playing a lot of Kled in solo queue, so that inspired me to try him. 

You've said in a previous interview that you're not bad at playing tanks. But today, you played Ornn for the first time... it's now at 0% winrate...

Khan: I don't think it was that bad... though it could've gone better. I just want to say that my Ornn didn't have any problems. (Laughs)

You've played against both CuVee and Kiin in the toplane. Who's the best toplaner?

Khan: Who's the 1st placed team right now? (Gen.G and Griffin) Then I guess you can say that they're the best. But the Summer Split is still far from over, so you can't really say that there's a single best player. Whoever stands in 1st place at the end will undoubtedly be the best.

It feels like you've gotten weaker in terms of confidence and skills. (Laughs)

Bdd: Yeah, I think he became weaker. (Laughs)

Khan: I didn't become weaker, I became more benign. When I become 1st place again... I'll just end the conversation here. (Laughs)

It felt like that the result of the botlane laning phase decided the winner of games 1 and 2. A lot of fans have been worried about PraY and GorillA's performance recently. How are they at the moment?

Khan: Right now, the botlane isn't really skill-based. It's more dependent on champion picks and matchups. In terms of skill, our botlane is probably the strongest.

In game 3, you swapped Taliyah for Lulu. Did you guys decide to swap after seeing the LeBlanc pick?

Bdd: That's a team secret. (Laughs)

Then let me change the question. Were you confident in beating LeBlanc with Taliyah? How is the Taliyah vs. Leblanc matchup?

Bdd: Honestly... I think I could've won. But we still went with the swap.

Recently, you've played against a lot of Jayce. How does it feel?

Khan: Wow, Jayce really hurts. I guess that's how every other player felt whenever I played Jayce.

Any last words for your fans?

Bdd: We're starting to get back to form. Also, I contacted Madlife yesterday. He told me to do my best today. I think that's how I performed well today. I love you Madlife!

Khan: Despite the frequent pauses today, a lot of the fans still remained and continued to watch us. Thank you so much for that. 

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