GEN Ruler: "Even if Ezreal is banned, I have other champions prepared so it doesn’t really matter."

In the third match of 2018 LCK Summer Split Day 8, Gen.G Esports (GEN) played against Hanwha Life Esports (HLE). Although HLE put up a good fight, GEN was able to take their fourth win.

In Game 1, Ruler again picked a traditional ADC, Ezreal. HLE picked Heimerdinger, which was a hot issue in foreign leagues, but it wasn’t enough to stop Ruler from proving that marksmen are still good.

Sangyoon delivered unbelievable performance in Game 2, picking Kai’Sa with Smite and went to mid lane. Braum, Lulu and Morgana were picked to support Kai’Sa and Singed was at top lane for HLE. HLE had a hard time during the early game with Lulu not being able to collect much CS. However, Kai’Sa became too strong for GEN to stop her. Sangyoon’s Kai’Sa dominated the match with 14 kills (0 deaths, 1 assist).

However, HLE wasn’t able to maintain their performance in Game 3. GEN banned Kai’Sa in the first ban phase. Having Ruler still playing Ezreal, GEN piled up benefits and snowballed to the end to take the 2-1 victory over HLE.

After the match, Ruler and CoreJJ were voted as MVPs and were interviewed by OGN.



Q. Just before the interview, you said that you had a hard time today.

Ruler: It was the first time we played against such a comp in Game 2, so it was really hard.

Q. (To CoreJJ) The ADC players really like GEN since you still play marksmen. What do you think when other teams play all kinds of champions in the bottom lane?

CoreJJ: It's alright if the opponent picks a champion that I've seen before but we’re always on our toes because sometimes, champions that are really rarely picked appear.

Q. You spoke very confidently before about marksman champions. How are you so confident?

Ruler: I was always confident of playing one. Today, I just dealt damage trusting Tahm Kench. I only thought about evading skillshots and dealing damage.

Q. How many times do you think you ate Ruler?

CoreJJ: I’ve been playing with him for three years, so… A lot. Maybe that’s why I recently gained weight. (Laughs)


Q. It seems like Ezreal - Tahm Kench comp should be banned  against you from now on.

Ruler: I think the Ezreal comp is pretty good. But even if Ezreal is banned, I have other champions prepared so it doesn’t really matter.

Q. GEN is sticking with the EU meta, but after seeing what HLE did in Game 2, don’t you want to try that?

Ruler: Actually, it seemed to be so much fun. But after we lost Game 2, I got really angry and thought I need to have revenge in Game 3 no matter what.

CoreJJ: If it’s such a comp, the champion I would need to protect gets extremely strong, so I think it would be really fun.

Q. How was the Asian Games? Was it a good chance for you to refresh your mindsets?

Ruler: There wasn’t that much motivation. All I thought was that I wanted to win.

CoreJJ: I think I became more responsible being picked in the national team. If I do well there, fans would like it so I did my best.

Q. Why was MONG subbed in in Game 2?

CoreJJ: The players that don’t have many chances to play are also very good, so we thought that we can win. I’m sorry to MONG because the game didn’t go well.

Q. There were a few times you died after swallowing Ruler. Is it like ‘I did my duty, I can rest now’ for you?

CoreJJ: Well, if I survive, it would be better. (Laughs) There were several times today that I could have survived but died because I tried to make a kill.

Q. You lost while CuVee wasn’t playing. Was CuVee’s empty space big?

Ruler: Recently, the top laner’s existence isn’t that big so I don’t know. (Laughs) I think he had a lot of snacks in the waiting room.

CoreJJ: CuVee returned to the booth in Game 3, beaming. It was like he wanted to say ‘Y’all can’t do anything without me.’ (Laughs) He’s like the mood maker of the team.

Q. (To CoreJJ) It’s your birthday soon. What do you want to get for your birthday?

CoreJJ: Not much. I wish I can get the championship for my birthday.

Q. Any last comments?

Ruler: Thank you for cheering for us til late. We’ll do our best so I hope you all continue to cheer for us. Thank you!

CoreJJ: I think the early season went quite well now. In my experience, this is the most critical period. We’ll do our best and try to deliver better performance.

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