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MVP Max: "In the current meta, Kalista isn’t that good alone, but she’s good with with Thresh."


In the second match of 2018 LCK Summer Split Day 8, MVP defeated SKT T1 2-1 and collected their second win (2 losses). In this match, Jeong “Max” Jong-bin picked Thresh in Game 3 and showed some excellent grabs to lead the team’s victory.

The following is the interview with Max.


Q. You’re 2-2 now. How do you feel?

The picks & bans for Game 1 had a lot of players’ opinions in it, but we lost. Starting from Game 2, our head coach’s opinion was prioritized. I think that’s why we were able to win.

Q. You haven’t won against SKT many times. How did you prepare for the match?

Mostly SKT T1 started their well known main members, but they were playing solo queue during scrim time. So we predicted that new faces will appear and prepared the picks & bans for them.

Q. You still lost Game 1. Why do you think you lost?

It was my bad, playing Fiddlesticks. (Laughs) It’s good to seal the lead with Fiddlesticks, but difficult to create variables when trailing. We were able to win from Game 2 because I didn’t play Fiddlesticks.

Q. It wasn’t that easy in Game 3, too. Were you confident that you’ll win?

Since we picked Sejuani, we thought that we’ll win if we can win in teamfights. The early game wasn’t good but we weren’t intimidated.

Q. The Kalista - Thresh duo was interesting. How are they in the current meta?

It’s good to counter when the opponent has a charging comp. In the current meta, Kalista isn’t that good alone, but she’s good with with Thresh. Kalista should be picked last if you’re planning to play her.

Q. Many different champions can appear at support. Which champion do you think will appear?

Pyke is appearing a lot in the top ranked solo queue, and I’m practicing him a lot. I think he can see more play any time.

Q. Your next opponent is Jin Air Green Wings, who is on a losing streak. How do you think it will go?

We can never be relaxed. We’ll prepare well since Jin Air has ‘Great General’ Teddy.

Q. Many fans predicted that this meta will go well with MVP. How do you think your record is?

Our team always prepares many different champions. If one or two players do that, it’s alright, but since everyone is playing too many champions, we lacked depth in a single champion. I think that’s why our results weren’t good.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

I really want to thank all the fans that always cheer for us and trust us. There are really a lot of picks we want to try, and I want to also thank the coaching staff that are suffering because of that.

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