[KR Reactions] SKT vs MVP, GEN vs HLE: "You whiny ADCs. Why are you being so whiny? It’s still really good!"

※ SKT T1 vs. MVP

- Before Match & Draft - 


▶ What? Faker, Bang and Wolf all aren’t playing? This ain’t a rookie exhibition game!
└ Are they thinking that MVP is an easy opponent?
└ The current SKT is neck-to-neck with MVP even if they play all their starting members.
└ The lineup is too arrogant.
└ They sent the national team member to the bench LOL
└ What are y’all talking about? They’re all starting members!
└└ LOL

▶ It’s gonna be hard playing Nasus into Dr.Mundo…
└ Who’s going to kill that Mundo? Camille? Vladimir?
└ How’s the Reddit reaction?
└└ They’re frantic saying that’s not SKT T1
└ I’m a Nasus main, and he can’t beat Dr.Mundo.
└ It feels like they’ve lost already.

- Game 1 -

▶ The early game isn’t as bad as I thought.
└ Whatever happens in the early game isn’t weird.
└ Aaand Blossom INTing. Why in the world did he dive?
└ SKT back to their original form…
└ Just as expected…

▶ We don’t know yet. Today’s SKT is different from before.
└ I’ve only seen the two teams losing so it’s really hard to imagine any of them win.
└ What?? Why is SKT winning?
└ So the REAL starting members are different.
└ Why is the rookies’ teamwork better than the starting members’ teamwork?

▶ What?? Why are they winning? Why is SKT winning??
└ Leo is really good. It’s not like SKT. I’m really impressed.
└ What’s with that Nasus? One head-smash kills the opponent?
└└ He has a nuke at the end of his stick.

▶ Today SKT is reborn as SKT T2.
└ The first win of this season for SKT goes like this…
└ Where are all the original members?
└└ They’re in rehab.
└ That was such a satisfying win. Then again, it could be just that MVP was bad.
└ If this goes well against strong teams, they have hope.


- Game 2 -

▶ MVP got hit once and returned to the original style.
└ It seemed like both teams didn’t know what they were doing in Game 1 and MVP lost. LOL.
└ What’s Faker doing?
└└ Probably doing the dishes.
└ They’re really good. Why were they hiding their true strength?

▶ Blossom or Thal seem to be better than before, too.
└ Before, they had to do what the others told them to do.
└ Faker should be breaking those dishes…
└ Their performance is really touching.
└ But MVP is making a comeback?

▶What? Why is MVP winning now?
└ That’s all anticipated by the awesome head coach kkOma. Don’t worry.
└└ His plan is to make MVP think that they’ll win if they pick a marksman like before and counter them in Game 3. Don’t worry.
└ Let’s go, main members!
└ I’m an MVP fan and everyone is talking about SKT… I can’t even cheer.
└└ You must be here because you’re thinking that MVP will win.
└└└ They’re winning now, you know.

▶ So this is their REAL starting lineup… But where’s Blank?
└ That’s a different matter.
└ SKT lost this game. That’s alright. This was well fought as the REAL members.


- Game 3 -


▶ What are they thinking with that draft?
└ Kalista??
└ Kalista-Thresh is a traditional duo, but it’s way back in the past…
└ That’s an ancient comp…
└ I can’t predict how this game will go at all.
└ Only these two teams are picking marksmen… Maybe because it’s a match between the underdogs.

▶ The underdog matchup is always fun.
└ Isn’t Faker done with the dishes yet?
└└ Too many dishes. All the players ate today.
└ How are they fighting?? They’re fighting like crazy but no one’s dying.


▶ Well… MVP is better at teamfights than a ‘new’ team.
└ Are they really first string members?
└└ It seems like they’re back to being the second string.
└└└ Then is Faker, Bang and Wolf third string?
└ I knew it from the beginning, when the last ranked team is playing rookies…
└ When will they get their first win…

▶ Do you think it would have been different if it was Faker?
└ Do you think it would be? The problem isn’t at mid.
└└ I think mid is also a problem.
└ The little guys lack experience.

▶ Wow… Why does MVP look like Kingzone? LOL
└ All the MVP members are making super plays.
└ ADD is playing awesome.
└└ It looked like he was playing Malphite.
└ kkOma, you were wrong.
└ They’re not being able to focus their damage. They need to kill the damage dealers, not the tanks.

▶ Sigh… What was I expecting.
└ I think they’ll lose to Kongdoo from last season.
└ How did they win Game 1?
└ The telecom derby teams were like the LOL Clasico, but now both teams are fighting to get out of relegation.
└ So now SKT proved that they’ll lose even if they change their members.

※ Gen.G vs HLE

- Game 1 -

▶ Heimerdinger???
└ The ultimate weapon… He’s finally here…
└ Is Heimerdinger any good??
└└ Do you think they’ll use him if he isn’t? HLE isn’t stupid.
└ We’ll see after this game.
└ Why? What? I ran home after work when I heard Heimerdinger appeared.

▶ Please lose, Hanwha… Die a horrible death…
└ ???
└└ I’m gonna play ranked today and I really don’t wanna see Heimerdinger.
└└└ Aha…
└ It seems like they’re gonna lose. Don’t worry.
└ Please..

▶ I think Heimerdinger is just wrong.
└ The national team ADC is too good.
└ They’re all being hit by Ezreal too much, and doing nothing.
└ And it’s hard to get even close to him because Tahm Kench is guarding him like a shadow.
└ All lanes were destroyed in the laning phase. Even Darius is dying.

▶ Gen.G is really good. They’re playing like they played at Worlds last year.
└ They make the least mistakes.
└ Heimerdinger… Didn’t even have a chance to shine…
└ There’s a core difference at top lane.

▶ Head coach Shin Tae-yong, are you looking? This is what a ‘national representative’ is.
└ Patriot team Gen.G…
└└ It would have been perfect if Kevin Chou was Korean.
└└└ He wasn’t???
└└└└ No.
└└└└└ I thought he was related to Sin-soo Choo.
※ Note: Shin Tae-yong is the manager of the Korean national football team at the 2018 World Cup.

▶ HLE isn’t a bad team, but they look like comedians playing against Gen.G.
└ Gen.G’s team play is really good. They have less damage dealt but they win the teamfight.
└└ The kill score is 9-4 and Heimerdinger is 0/0/1. There’s a problem there.
└ The national team ADC, carrying with an ADC at a period when the ADCs are the weakest…

- Game 2 - 

▶ Gen.G changed a player? MONG? Who’s MONG?
└ He looks really familiar…
└ He’s CoreJJ without glasses.
└└ OMG, two CoreJJs?
└ And they’re letting Ruler play Ezreal again… NVM. They’re taking Kai’Sa.
└ …. What? 3 support + Smite Kai’Sa??
└└ Rumor says that it’s a foreign product of civilization.

▶ Lava is at bottom lane…
└ If it’s Smite Kai’Sa, it’s normal…
└ They probably don’t have much practice with that, do you think it’ll work against national team members?
└ And they’re getting smashed. LOL.
└ The skillshots….

▶ Why is Lulu’s CS like that? Is it Ramadan for her?
└ She’s on a hunger strike. LOL
└ Lulu: “Let me live!!”
└ It seems like Ruler is better than Uzi.
└ Gen.G has rarely lost lane at bottom… So arrogant of them; a duo that hasn’t played lane together taking on the national team bot duo.

▶ There should be so much pressure on Kai’Sa there…
└ If this was a solo ranked game, it’s Kai’Sa’s fault whether they win or lose.
└ It’s like a team project at college.
(Kai’Sa collects a quadra-kill.)
└ Huh??
└ ?????????
└ And a A+ for that Kai’Sa on the team project!!

▶ What are we gonna do? LOL
└ We were making fun of them and a hard carry from Kai’Sa.
└ Sole wage-earner of the household, Kai’Sa.
└ The global gold difference gap is still big, but Kai’Sa scaled so well….
└ That Kai’Sa was grown with the starving effort of Lulu…

▶ What in the world is that? She’s so strong…
└ Sangyoon’s best game of his life.
└└ Not only Sangyoon, the best game ever for Kai’Sa.
└ Wow. How is that so strong. It nearly doesn’t make sense.
└ Riot, is this intended too?
└ She has done everything alone. LOL.
└ I thought it was progressive party vs conservative party but suddenly, a dictator appeared.


▶ NERF ADCs!!!!

└ LOL!!!


▶ ???: Coach, can’t we have a Sangyoon too?

└ We could have had 30 Sangyoons if you weren’t here.


▶ Garen… You should have had a daughter.

- Game 3 -

▶ I’m getting lost after seeing such a sensational game.
└ Now, I can’t be satisfied if it isn’t an extremely strong marksman champion.

▶ Doesn’t it seem like Gen.G’s performance is shaking?
└ Yup. Gen.G is like a bubble waiting to be popped.
└ After seeing their performance?
└ We need expectation management…

▶ It looks like Ruler is using a helper.
└ Gen.G for the LCK Summer Champions!
└ I think they’re better than Worlds 2017. I think they’ll become the best team ever for this split.

▶ So you whiny ADCs. Why are you being so whiny? It’s still really good!
└ Ezreal never dies whatever the meta is…

▶ I wouldn’t have believed if it was earlier this year… This team played a more interesting match than KT did.

▶ HLE is getting the best treatment ever in the history of the LCK, but they’re only performing like this??
└ Aren’t they doing good enough?
└ The guy that’s getting $300K salary isn’t doing well either.

▶ Is Ruler better than Deft of 2017?
└ Stop raising my expectations!

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