GRF Chovy: (Very frankly) "I have four more picks that I’m confident in."

On the 20th of June, the first match of 2018 LCK Summer Split Day 8 was between Griffin (GRF) and Jin Air Green Wings (JAG). GRF delivered perfect performance and dominated JAG the whole time and took the win 2-0.

Game 1 was a perfect game for GRF except for one drake and a meaningless Morgana death at the end of the game. GRF piled up their benefits and snowballed throughout the game. After a successful gank at top lane, GRF also took the first turret and started snowballing until they succeeded to destroy the nexus. Tarzan picked Trundle and delivered good performance including a dragon steal and was voted MVP.

In Game 2, Chovy was subbed in at mid lane for GRF and Umti at jungle for JAG. Again, GRF drew first blood and took first turret. The game slowed down during the mid game; JAG seemed to be aiming to scale Teddy’s Vladimir to his second core item. Although it seemed like JAG was catching up, GRF’s teamfighting capability and initiation was too much for JAG.

After the match, Tarzan and Chovy were voted as MVPs and were interviewed by OGN.

▲ Tarzan (Left) and Chovy (Right).

Q. It’s the first time you’re interviewing here at OGN. Can you introduce yourself?

Tarzan: Hello, I’m the jungler for Griffin.

Chovy: Hi, I’m Chovy, mid laner for griffin.

Q. Chovy is very young. Does he act like a child within the team?

Tarzan: He seems like a baby from time to time.

Q. People say Chovy has an extraordinary personality.

Tarzan: He does. But mostly it seems like it's because he doesn’t think. (Laughs)

Q. Tarzan was really good during the previous games but wasn’t able to get voted MVP.

Tarzan: I wasn’t able to get MVP from Challengers Korea. Even after we started playing in the LCK, I think I got used to not getting voted MVP so it doesn’t bother me much.

Q. The current meta can be said to be a jungle carry meta. Aren’t you at the least greedy for the MVP?

Tarzan: I don’t need to be MVP. I would be satisfied if the team wins.

Q. Don’t you want to try playing Master Yi?

Tarzan: I do, if the proper chance comes, I’ll probably play it.

Q. Your Trundle was splendid in Game 1. About the dragon steal, were you sure that you could steal it?

Tarzan: In a split second, I saw that smite-able HP left on the dragon so I used my Flash to take it.

Q. (To Chovy) Did you know that he’ll try to steal the dragon?

Chovy: I was just doing my thing and suddenly, the message said that we took the dragon. I thought we won’t be able to take it so I was really surprised.

Q. (To Tarzan) The controversial question to junglers. Who has more advantage in the smite-fight, the one hitting the objective or the one trying to steal?

Tarzan: I think the one trying to steal has advantage. There are too many things to consider for the one hitting the objective, and for the one stealing can always give excuses.

Q. Chovy’s Zoe was unbelievable in Game 2. When you parried the first gank, were you sure that you’ll live?

Chovy: I thought that I would be able to survive even if Skarner grabbed me.

Tarzan: When Skarner grabbed him, I was surprised when Chovy said that he can survive.


Q. Do you think you would have been able to survive even if the sleep bubble didn’t hit?

Chovy: That didn’t matter, I was confident that I would survive regardless the bubble.

Q. (To Tarzan) If Chovy said that he’ll live but died, how would you feel?

Tarzan: (Hesitates) When he says he’ll live, he mostly survives.

Q. You should have more champions that you’re confident of playing. How many do you have up your sleeve?

Chovy: (Very frankly) I have four more picks that I’m confident in.

Tarzan: We have more than four champions prepared at mid lane.

Q. During the picks & bans, does your head coach cvMax decide everything or do you all share opinions?

Tarzan: All the teammates talk freely and our head coach makes the final decision.

Q. Skarner was picked today, but the record isn’t good for Skarner this season. How do you think he is in the current meta?

Tarzan: I think Skarner is always alright, unless the opponent has CC immune skills like Morgana.

Q. Many people say that Tarzan and Viper look too much alike.

Tarzan: I think that’s because of our glasses.

Chovy: There are more things in common than differences between them; their appearance, their personalities -- they’re both very bright and entertaining.

Q. (To Chovy) Viper has shown awesome performance with mid or top lane champions. How do you think he is compared to yourself?

Chovy: I think his mechanics are nearly as good as mine.

Q. So you’re on a 4-game winning streak. Any last comments?

Tarzan: I’m really happy that we’re on a winning streak.

Chovy: (Very confidently) We’ll continue the streak against any other team and I’ll continue to deliver good performance.


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