Echo Fox Huni, The Multi-Role Player: "I have placed 3rd 3 times in NA...If I am going to place 3rd again, I might as well just place 5th (laughs)"

Echo Fox was one of the few teams that scored 2 wins in the first week of the Summer Split. Not only were Echo Fox’s results spectacular, but their execution was out of the box, to say the least.

Playing in the first week, Huni role swapped twice. One day as an ADC, and another as a jungler. While moving from role to role, Huni’s performance was still on par. His performance was solid enough to put a new meaning to ‘multiplayer’ in League Of Legends.

Innovating the scene, Huni claimed that this is not the end of his/his team’s creativity. Showing that he has a lot more to show and increasing his performance through this, Huni expressed his need to participate in the World Championships set in South Korea. Huni explained that only when he shows his prowess on the international stage, he has the right to represent Korea’s national team in the future. Let’s dive right into Huni’s story.

¤ Previously, you did say that you wanted to play in the ADC role.

It feels amazing because it is a dream come true. I never felt that top lane was ever an important role outside of Korea. This is the reason why I wanted to role swap. Since we won with the swap prior, I feel even more confident we can do better in the future.

¤ Is it safe to assume that we can expect more role swapping?

Besides role swapping, there is still a lot more that is possible. As long as the meta allows it, I can go and play in any position.

¤ Have you practiced going to other lanes a lot with your team?

Although we didn’t extensively, we did practice it just enough. Even in practice, we win. Since jungle-mid-ADC is so damn fun, I rarely play top in solo q (laughs). Because I have put a lot of games into Marksman, I have substantial knowledge and understanding of the bot lane.

If one of our laners is not confident on a meta champion, I usually play that champion, in their lane, for them... well… you can think of it as something like that.

¤ The bot lane synergy is crucial. Do you match well with your support?

Due to us being incredibly close, I have no problems with Adrian. We were on the same team 2 years ago.

¤ I would assume that you love the meta right now.

If I have to go top lane, I don’t really like it as much. Currently, in top lane, the amount you can influence has decreased. This is why I started to think of new ways to play in other lanes.

¤ What are your opinions on Khan claiming that this meta allows top to be more influential?

In my personal opinion, I believe jungle-mid is more important right now. I think this is because there is a difference between NA and KR. If top wins and other lanes go 50-50, it is obviously beneficial to feed/help top. However, if top wins but the other lanes lose, I believe it is a huge loss for the team with the winning top laner.

¤ What are your thoughts on the Master Yi hyper carry jungle and support Taric mid?

It is incredibly strong. But, you need to be wary of the opposing picks. There is a high chance that you will get counter picked. Although I can’t go into the specifics, there is already an established countermeasure regarding Yi and Taric.

¤ The last split, you started off great but didn’t finish too well. Why do you think this happened?

First of, there was an issue with the meta. At that time, the impact from top lane dramatically decreased. We also hit 1st place too easily while some players on my team experienced 1st place for the first time. In general, we became less motivated and less tension.

¤ It must have been a bit unfortunate.

To be honest, we were struggling even before then... I knew it was going to be difficult to reach the finals. Of course, I do feel a bit unfortunate about it. In all the leagues I have played in, NA is the only league I have not yet been able to win on.

¤ It almost feels like a jinx?

I have played 3rd three times (laughs). I am pretty sure it is a jinx.

¤ Summer Split directly transfers to the World Championships. It must mean even more so to make it because Worlds is set in Korea.

I need to go. Since I have spent so much time playing here, it has been difficult for my friends/family to come to see my games. I want to invite my friends, relatives, and family to big stages like Worlds. I am also excited to think how fun it will be to beat a Korean team in Korea. But before all this, making it to Worlds is my number 1 goal.

¤ On the topic of playing in NA, have you ever thought of wanting to participate in the Asian Games? You played well enough in Korea to possibly get drafted.

I did want to go. I am a bit sad I couldn’t. Even if it was a demonstration stage, it is a significant and honorable position to be in. If there is ever an opportunity in the future, I’d be more than happy to go. Since the games open every 4 years, I would like to think I have a good chance of getting picked if I try hard enough. Like other sports, players overseas are still used in the national team. It seems it is not there yet for Esports. Still, if I win Worlds or play well enough, I am sure the opportunity will come my way. It is something I really want to go to.

¤ Let’s talk a bit about this split. How do you predict this split will go?

I really can’t say. We haven’t been able to practice that much either. I think we will know as we are playing through the split. Who would have guessed that we would place 2nd in the regular season last split (laughs)?

¤ Do you have a personal goal for this split?

Maybe something along the line of 'Let’s not place 3rd' (laughs). If I am going to place 3rd, I might as well just place 5th.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

I am always forever grateful for my fan's support. Due to the rather unique nature of the meta, there will be some interesting games. Lastly, I want to say that I am absolutely not going to place 3rd this split.

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