HLE Key on Preparing for JAG: "We wanted revenge, so we practiced until 6 AM last night"

Key exerts his excitement for playing against Gen.G Esports, a team that plays the traditional ADC compositions, despite the current meta favoring against it. 

During the 6th day of the '2018 LCK Summer Split Round 1', Hanwha Life Esports defeated Jin Air Green Wings with a score of  2-0. On both games of the series, Key displayed stellar performance, contributing to the team's victory with Tahm Kench and Shen. His Tahm Kench was especially outstanding; his performance on the champion was near MVP-worthy. 

The following is an interview with HLE's support player, Key.

How do you feel taking that victory?

This is our second consecutive win. I'm really happy about our great start this split. It'll be less pressuring for us to prepare for the remaining games. 

Were there feelings of revenge involved playing against JAG today?

Due to having lost to JAG last season, we couldn't make it into the playoffs. We wanted revenge, so we practiced until 6 AM last night. The results turned out great.

In game 1, Karthus' growth was rapid and quite scary.

The Karthus-Nunu growth was indeed fast. In order to prevent him from getting out of hand, we picked a composition to consistently pressure him and kill him. However, Karthus grew big too quickly; so we were on the receiving end in terms of pressure.

However, we remained calm and did everything that we were supposed to do. I think that's how we won.

Lava played Fizz today.

During practice, we tried team compositions focused around fighting and other gold-funneling compositions against the Karthus-Nunu comp.

We came to an agreement that the former strategy was more compatible with our playstyle. Fizz's assassinating capabilities are very good, and Lava is also a great Fizz player.

You lost to Griffin during the opening game of this split.

In game 2, in the toplane, I was the only reasonable target for Nocturne -- and I was expecting him to come in for me. During the fight, if I had stayed calm and used my skills properly, we could've won. I made the mistake of using my Zhonya's too early. During the Zhonya's, all of my teammates ended up dying. (Laughs) Thinking about it now, I feel very regretful. 

I want to take revenge in Round 2. 

Your upcoming games won't be easy.

Afreeca Freecs and Gen.G Esports are both performing exceptionally right now. They both have a very solid macro. We'll have to decide whether we want to focus on our macro as well or focus on teamfights.

AFs is doing a great job at taking advantage of the current botlane meta, whereas GEN prefers playing the traditional ADC compositions. I personally believe that the new botlane comps are better than the traditional ADC ones; so I'm really excited to play against GEN. I think it'll be very fun. 

I heard that you really wanted the MVP title today.

In game 1, I made multiple great plays on Tahm Kench; I also used his ultimate to its fullest. However, Lava made a lot of impactful plays, and I think that's why he received the title in place of me. It's a bit disappointing that I didn't receive it. The chances of me receiving an MVP title goes up if I play a champion with great engages... it's hard making impactful plays when playing a supportive champion. 

Sangyoon has been playing a lot of Ryze recently. How is he on that champion?

He rarely played Ryze before our series against Griffin. But after that loss, he constantly practiced him. He's actually really good on AP champions. I think the current meta really favors us. To be honest, I think he's more stable when playing AP champions over AD ones. (Laughs) Also, AP champions' power spike comes earlier to that of ADC ones. That really plays in favor of our team's playstyle.

Sangyoon's ability to carry is unlocked a lot faster; increasing the carry-potential of our team. 

Do you have a personal goal this split?

It's been three years since I've joined the LCK. But despite the rather long career, I've never made it into the playoffs, once. I want to at least make it into the top 5 this split. If I'm to set my goals high, I want to reach the 3rd place.

Although it's good to set your goals high, I want to approach it more realistically. (Laughs) 

I heard that Hanwha Life's financial backings are really good.

If we need something, they provide us with what we need -- without being conservative. 

I want to pay them back with good performance.

Any last words?

We're really giving it our all. So please watch over us.

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