Sangyoon on Being Sponsored By Hanwha, a Large Conglomerate: "Despite having lost to Griffin, we ate about $1,400 worth of beef"

On the 17th of June, Hanwha Life Esports defeated Jin Air Green Wings with a score of 2-0. 

In game 1, HLE prevented the Karthus-Nunu composition from getting out of hand; Lava did an outstanding job on safely laning against the two and consistently assassinating Karthus in every important situation; eventually even forcing the deathsinger to build Zhonya's.

In game 2, HLE displayed superior teamwork over JAG. Even in situations where JAG seemed to have the upper hand, HLE remained levelheaded and properly scaled into the mid-to-late game, where they took full advantage of their tanky team composition. 

After the series, the sole MVP titlist of today's series, Lava, and two players who played a vital role in securing the victory for HLE, Sangyoon and Lindarang, were invited for an interview with a SPOTV caster.

How was today's series?

Lava: I knew that we'd win as long as we didn't make any mistakes.

How was game 1? Fizz was a pretty unexpected pick, especially for the LCK.

Lava: Against the Karthus-Nunu comp, you can either play a push-oriented team composition or an aggressive team composition to consistently fight against it. We decided to go with the latter.

In game 1, at a Baron fight, Fizz went in alone to stop the enemy team. Was that a call made by the team? Or was it an individual decision?

Lava: I let the team know that we'll lose the game if the enemy team took Baron. So I just went in. Everyone had faith in each other at that moment.

Lindarang did an outstanding job during that game as well. 

Lava: He did a great job during teamfights on Vladimir. 

(Lindarang and Sangyoon were invited on stage) You evaded a lot of enemy ganks in game 1,  constantly making it out alive with a sliver of health. How was the team reacting?

Lindarang: They didn't really say anything. (Laughs) 

Do you think you made a lot of plays that were MVP-worthy?

Lindarang: All I did was stay alive; I didn't make a lot of kills myself... I think that's why I didn't receive the MVP title today.

How about game 2? Did the team compliment your Aatrox performance?

Lindarang: Maybe if I had better results in the early game. However, my early game was completely shut down, so I didn't receive any compliments.

In game 2, SeongHwan was caught out multiple times. What did you make of that?

Lava: Even if he was caught out, I knew that we'd win as long as we didn't give up Baron. So I didn't think too much of it.

Sangyoon: As long as the main character of a story lives, no other lives really matter, right? (Laughs)

Lava: I couldn't feel a difference. (Laughs) Whether he was alive or dead.

Sangyoon: Yeah, he was pretty worthless.

Lindarang: SeongHwan was caught out often. It didn't really matter though. (Laughs)

Lava, you said in a previous interview that Sangyoon should practice Ryze more. But today, he performed impressively.

Lava: He practiced a lot more Ryze after that interview. He's gotten a lot better. From a score of 10, I'd give him a 9.

What do you think about that Sangyoon?

Sangyoon: It's funny how he has something to say about my Ryze despite the fact that he's a bad Ryze player. He rarely plays Ryze... why do you think that's the case? (Laughs)

A lot of people have stated that the team atmosphere has gotten a lot better after you guys have rebranded to Hanwha Life Esports. You guys have received a lot of support from the company, including nice suits and even cars. Also, I heard that you guys went out to eat beef despite having lost. 

Sangyoon: Normally, when we lose, we would've gone straight home after a simple meal to practice. However, when we lost to Griffin recently, we ate about $1,400 worth of beef. Large companies are the best.

To help you guys eat beef, I have prepared a gift. It's pepper and salt -- with a lot of expensive herbs and mushrooms.

You guys are on a very good pace. It was also very impressive how you guys made a comeback [in game 2]. Are you guys confident going in now?

Lava: We have had a good start, so we'll prepare well for the remaining games.

Sangyoon: I don't think that we won because we played flawlessly. There are a lot of things that need refining. Also, we never had such a great start before. We always suffered early on in a split, only to make a comeback on the 2nd half of it. This time, we'll do our best to do well from the beginning to end. 

Lindarang: We always used to joke around when we lose that, "Since we lost a game, let's just win the rest of our series 8-1." If we keep playing with this mindset, we should receive a lot of thumbs-up for our performance. (Laughs)

Any last words?

Lava: I want to thank our coaches and the other staff members for always helping us perform at our best. Also, I want to thank Key, the player that really wanted the MVP title today. (Laughs) Thank you.

Lindarang: I think we could've done better in our games... we'll make sure to refine our plays and perform better in the future.

Sangyoon: Lava basically did all the thanking for us, so all I want to say is that: "We'll do our best to become a team that can play against every other team and perform well."

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