GEN CuVee: "If our team needs priority in the sidelanes, I'm fully willing to play bruisers again"

Gen.G CuVee stated that the fans can expect more from them in Round 2 if the team keeps up this pace.

During the 6th day of the '2018 LCK Summer Split Round 1', Gen.G Esports took down MVP with a score of 2-0. During game 1, CuVee showcased the best way to use Ryze's ultimate. In game 2, he contributed to his team's victory by playing Ornn. Although CuVee wasn't the main carry in both games, he acted as a solid pillar that the team can rely on. 

The following is an interview with CuVee.

How do you feel taking that victory?

I'm happy because we were able to play on stage as we practiced.

Game 1 was very hard-fought. 

We had a lot of practice against the Yi-Taric comp, so I was confident in our ability to snowball against it. However, there was a critical mistake that we made. I didn't know about it, but the team told me that there was a mistake in the mid-jungle area. In addition, we overextended during a fight near Baron, and it really threw us off.

In the current meta, the toplane fight became an even lonelier fight.

I agree. But the role of a toplaner is still very important. I believe that I'm playing the role solidly. 

In game 1, when you were backing off with Ryze's ultimate, you were caught by Darius' pull. 

Our team made the call that we should run away with Ryze's ultimate when Master Yi activates his. However, due to Darius, some of us didn't make it.

What came on your mind when you guys constantly lost teamfights?

We just had to fight better, but it wasn't as easy as it sounds. In the end, however, we took full advantage of the enemy's mistake and won. 

During the laning phase, there was a big gap in CS difference in the toplane. Was it because you were playing against Darius? Or was it because of the mid-jungle matchup?

Darius came equipped with Ghost. I made the judgment that the enemy was trying to focus solely on the laning phase. Therefore, I played it out as safely as I can -- I decided to play on supporting my team instead.

You guys are on a winning streak. 

In the past, we struggled despite having had a good start. Taking that as a lesson, we'll have to remain focused and prepare well for the remaining games.

Recently, a lot of bruiser champions made their appearance in the toplane. Will we see you playing bruisers as well?

I always play champions that the team as a whole need; if our team needs priority in the sidelanes, I'm fully willing to play bruisers again. 

Any last words? 

Although we're on a winning streak, I won't drop my guard; especially since we're still in the early phase of the split. It won't be too late for the fans to expect more from us after Round 1 -- if we keep up this pace that is. 

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