GEN CoreJJ: "After losing a couple of teamfights, the game basically became, 'how to run away from Master Yi'."

On the 17th of June, Gen.G Esports defeated MVP with a perfect score of 2-0. 

Despite the current meta of teams favoring non-ADC champions in the botlane and utilizing the gold funneling composition in the midlane, GEN remains with the traditional way of playing the game. During today's series, both Haru and CoreJJ performed outstandingly; providing the team with backup whenever it was needed. 

After the series, the two MVP titlists, Haru and CoreJJ were invited for an interview with the casters.

How was game 1 of today's series?

Haru: I think it was because I was a bit nervous... but I initially thought that we'd lose. (Laughs) I'm really happy that we won and that I won the MVP title. 

CoreJJ: I initially thought that we'd win as long as we played as we practiced. But the game became a lot more difficult than I had anticipated.

After game 1, despite winning the game, you guys were called into the locker room for feedback. What happened?

Haru: After taking down the botlane and midlane inhibitor, we had no more ultimates available. The coaching staff told us that we should've backed off.

How about your CoreJJ? How did game 1 feel?

CoreJJ: After losing a couple of teamfights, the game basically became "how to run away from Yi." Later we decided to use Ryze's ultimate to lure out Yi's and run away.

Currently, a lot of fans are curious about the Yi-Taric composition and its counters. You guys played Braum in the midlane against it.

Haru: We practiced this composition beforehand, and we could've taken a lot of early advantages with it against the Yi-Taric comp. But I was very nervous before the game and made a lot of mistakes early on...

How about you, CoreJJ? Is Braum a good pick for playing against the Yi-Taric comp?

CoreJJ: I think it's an okay pick... but playing against Yi today, I was reminded of just how strong Yi actually was. I think we'll have to do a lot more research...

CoreJJ, you were the main target during picks and bans; the enemy team focused on banning a lot of support champions. What were you thinking when that was happening?

CoreJJ: If a lot of my champions are banned, I can simply play another that hasn't been banned. It makes the bans meaningless if I perform well on another champion, right? It's pretty fun in that regard. 

Haru, can you tell us about the last teamfight in game 1? 

Haru: It was just a simple mistake from the enemy team...

CoreJJ: First of all, we didn't know the location of Darius. But when I went into the bush, I spotted him, and I backed off because I was scared; but we immediately made the judgment that he's alone, and went in for the fight.

Haru, after winning the MVP title in game 1, you looked confused... why?

Haru: It's because I made a lot of mistakes in the game, so I was questioning why I received it. And the broadcast team told me to look into the camera, so I did...

What're your thoughts on game 2?

CoreJJ: I actually haven't practiced a lot of Tahm vs. Fiddle lane matchups. However, our sub player, Life, plays a lot of Fiddlesticks, and he gave me a lot of advice on how to play against him. I think that's why I had an easier time.

Haru, you're well-known for Rengar. Was it a team-decision to pick him today?

Haru: I'm always confident on Rengar, so I always told the team about it. I think that's why they decided to pick him today?

Are you satisfied with your Rengar performance now that you had a chance to play him on stage?

Haru: No... I still made a mistake... but aside from dying near red buff early on, I think I played well.

A lot of fans and analysts stated that your performance on Tahm Kench was flawless today, especially during the early teamfight near midlane. What kind of shotcalls were made during that time?

CoreJJ: Because I was on my way, I told the team to have faith in me and fight. Tahm Kench, as a champion, is great for snowballing leads; and with Ruler, I think we had an easy time taking that said lead.

You're a Korean representative in the 2018 Asian Games. How does it feel to be in such a position?

CoreJJ: It's definitely pressuring, but it's kind of fun because people will watch us with more interest. Also, we'll have more fans if we do well. 

(Viewer Question) "CoreJJ, as a silver support main, can you give me an advice on how to climb higher in solo queue ladder?"

CoreJJ: If you want to climb, you really need to figure out your role and what you need to do within a game. You have to constantly look for what you need to do. 

Any last words for the fans?

CoreJJ: I'm really thankful that a lot of you guys have come to watch us play. We'll do out best to stay at this pace until the very end. Thank you.

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