SKT T1 Bang: "Riot was good on their previous patches …… However, this is definitely not the game I used to play."

SKT T1 ‘Bang’ shared some of his thoughts on the current LoL meta.


SKT T1 revealed a short clip of Bang’s live stream on their YouTube channel. In the video, Bang shares some of his honest thoughts on Riot’s current patch concepts.


The following is a translation of what Bang said in the short video.

▲ SKT T1's YouTube channel



Well, they nerfed too much on this patch. I always thought they were doing a great job on their patches. But this time, they went too far. After playing the game for about a week, I found some big mistakes. As a pro gamer, this season, I feel dumbfounded.


Okay, I’ll use soccer as an example. Let’s say an ADC is a forward. This patch is like forcing a forward to play as a midfielder.


When the Rune system was reworked, I thought the patch was on point; the game became really fun. After the recent change, I’ve played about 50 solo queues. The thing is, you can literally know whether you’ll win or lose on the 15-20 minute mark. Everyone picks bruisers that are so hard to kill in teamfights. They can deal enormous amount of damage as well.


This is definitely not the game I used to play.


If the game is patched in the middle of the season, it affects the players quite a lot. We have to research on counter picks. The team has to make a new pick ban strategy. Users might have fun. But for me as a pro, I feel dumbfounded. I’m not sure whether the current patch concept is good in general. It doesn’t really make any sense. At first, they said that they’re just going to nerf ADC champions’ early game impact. But, you know, it impacted the entire game.


It’s a mess. It's hard to say that it’s not fun. But, I’m just dumbfounded because the game changed so dramatically.


Q. Don’t you think games should change?

Yes. Like I’ve said, most of the previous changes were really good such as the new rune system, ward rework and the Scuttle Crab rework. They were gradually making good changes. However, this patch makes me confused.

It is still fun. I don’t know...  It could be a good patch I guess...

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    level 1 amirhosseinnnn

    ruining jungle was fun and good but ruining ADC is bad , INTeresting

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    level 1 Jason_Benedicto

    Riot just want to make a coffin for LOL.... These changes are just bad...

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