GEN Fly on Becoming Friends With Ambition: "I think he opened up to me... he talks to me now"

On the 15th of June, Gen.G Esports defeated SKT T1 with a score of 2-0. 

With a great overall performance from all 5 members, Gen.G secured their 2nd win of the tournament. Despite the current meta trending towards not employing an ADC in the botlane, Gen.G took the traditional route and took down SKT. 

After the series, the two MVP titlists of the series, Fly and Haru, were invited for an interview with a SPOTV caster.

How do you feel taking that victory?

Fly: It feels really great that we won again.

Haru: We had great results during practice, and we did just as well on stage. So it feels really good.

Haru, you seemed to have lost a lot of weight... you must've been practicing really hard.

Haru: I've been on a specific diet on top of working out. 

During the last interview after your victory, you were pretty conservative with your feelings. Today, you look a bit more comfortable with yourself.

Fly: I regard very highly of KZ and SKT, so I was very nervous. Now that I've beaten them, I can relax.

In terms of composition, the enemy team played both Karthus on top of  Master Yi and Taric. What did you think of that?

Haru: Master Yi and Taric comp is very scary, but we had a great draft of our own to counter it, so it was okay.

A lot of foreigners had said that you are the creator of the midlane Braum trend. What were you thinking when watching the Braum games in the earlier series today?

Fly: ... That I would've done a lot better had I played instead.

Today, you guys had great teamwork. Haru, you secured a kill basically everytime that you went in.

Haru: The shotcalls today were made very loud and clear, also, we only go in if we know that we'd win. We had great results during practice, so I think that's why we were able to play so well on stage.

Fly, a lot of people were worried that you'd have early communication issues when you first joined the team [due to having to adapt to the team first]. 

Fly: For me, I had played a lot of games as a professional, so I can blend in with any team. So I didn't worry. 

Now that I've mentioend that, I heard that you've become great friends with everyone on the team... except for Ambition.

Fly: Not anymore! I think he opened up to me... he talks to me now.

There were many great moments during today's series. What was your most memorable one?

Fly: When I killed Kennen with one hit on Zoe. I was surprised at that myself. I didn't expect to kill him like that. I was amazed, really. I initially thought that he'd walk away with a little bit of health left, not downright die like that. 

What was your most memorable moment, Haru?

Haru: The teamfight near Baron in game 2, when I went in to kill Ezreal by myself. 

Are you satisfied with your own performance today?

Fly: Yeah, especially since we had won against SKT.

Haru: Yeah, I think I did well.

Any last words for the fans?

Fly: We'll be playing against MVP next. We'll prepare well and win again in clean fashion like we did today. 

Haru: My ability to concentrate had declined over time in the past... but now, I'm able to do a better job at it. 

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