KZ Bdd on Picking Braum: "I actually haven't played a lot of Braum, I picked him out of confidence"

On the 15th of June, at the Gangnam Nexon Arena, Kingzone DragonX defeated Jin Air Green Wings with a score of 2-1. Khan displayed extraordinary performance, despite the chaotic nature of the current meta. After having lost game 1, Kingzone subbed-in Peanut and proceeded to reverse sweep.

Kingzone's midlaner, Bdd, had played Braum in game 1 to support and funnel the midlane gold to the jungler. But starting in game 2, Bdd picked his signature champions, Irelia and Taliyah to heavily contribute in his team's victory.

The following is an interview with Bdd.

How do you feel after that victory?

I'm glad that we won. We were lacking in a lot of ways today. We'll have to fix our issues. Currently, we aren't able to fluently communicate like we used to.

In addition, the meta hasn't stabilized yet, so we'll need to practice a lot more. 

You guys had lost game 1 today. Also, you had lost your opening game of the Summer split. You must've been disappointed with the results.

In game 2 of our previous series, had we not died to Camille's early gank, we could've won. In the end, we made that mistake. It was very unfortunate. Things would've gone for the worst had we lost today, as both an individual and as a team.

What was the winning point in game 2 today?

Mundo applying consistent pressure onto Ornn was really good. Afterward, we did a great job in splitting our members to apply even more pressure; I think that's how we were able to win.

In game 3, you played Taliyah, despite the fact that she's mostly played as a jungler nowadays. Why did you take her mid?

Nocturne is really good at the moment. As long as you don't make a big mistake in the early game, he's a great pick for the late game. Our strategy was to push midlane with Taliyah to buy time for Nocturne to scale.

In game 3, it looked like you guys had recovered your usual form. 

We're still far from it. We'll have to try harder.

You played midlane Braum in game 1. He's a champion with a playstyle that's far from the likes of what you usually play. Did you make that sacrifice for the team?

It's a type of composition that the Flash Wolves had played during MSI. The jungler coming to midlane to help push the lane as fast as possible seemed like a really good strategy. I actually haven't played a lot of Braum, but I picked him out of confidence. We could've won that game as well... it was unfortunate.

What's your goal for the Summer Split?

Although my main goal is to recover our usual performance to win the split, my goal right now is for us to play well as a team. 

Your next series will be against KT Rolster. Is there any special strategy that you guys have been preparing?

I don't think we have the luxury to prepare for each individual team as of right now. Currently, recovering our usual form is our utmost priority. 

Any last words?

We've been showing shaky performances recently. We'll do our best to quickly recover and show a better form. 

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