HLE Sangyoon: "Vladimir can instantly kill the enemy on level 2."

On June 14th (KST), Hanwha Life Esports (HLE) won the matchup against bbq Olivers 2:0. Despite their loss against Griffin on day 1, HLE managed to secure their first win for this split; Sangyoon showed some solid performance using mage picks.


Let’s hear what he had to say about his new conglomerate sponsor and his personal thoughts on the ‘Karthus - Nunu’ comp.



Q. It’s your first win for the 2018 LCK Summer split. How do you feel?

I’m so happy that we won 2:0. Our first match on day 1 didn’t go as planned, but I have to say that now we’ve gained our momentum.


Q. In game 1, Pyke got some kills early game. Wasn’t it difficult to go against him?

It was okay since my teammates told me, “Don’t try to rush things. It’s okay. Anyone can get killed.”


Q. Not a single team managed to win using the Karthus - Nunu comp. What are your thoughts on this pick?

I think the Karthus - Nunu pick isn’t that efficient in tournaments since Karthus’ ult is the only way you can help your laners. If your team has aggressive laning champs, it might be okay to use. However, if not, it won’t really be helpful when it comes to teamwork.


Q. ‘Ruler’ said in his interview that ADC champions still have competitiveness in this current meta. What are your thoughts on this? (laughs)

I think some use ADCs on the Bottom lane, but these days mage champions are picked more often. Well, Ruler might be only confident in using ADCs, so he might not be that good using other picks. (laughs) I’m just joking.


Q. Hanwha Life Esports’ team bus seemed quite luxurious. Can you brag a bit about it? (laughs)

Now that’s what I call ‘class’. Come to think of it, we get an unbelievable amount of support. We have a team bus and we also received air purifiers. Come on, which team receives an air purifier from their sponsor? In the past, we usually used a van and I was carsick at times because it was really small. But now… It’s a bus. It feels like I’m using public transportation. I’m so satisfied.


Q. I heard that the team’s dormitory is undergoing renovations. Are there any other benefits you’ve received that you want to share?

Well… The best part is that they support us on whatever we want. They’re like, “You guys want to try this? Are you guys sick?” They provide medical checkups for the team. There’s another thing that they do for us, but it’s confidential. You’ll know once you see it soon.


Q. Your YouTube channel is really popular. Can you say something about your channel?

My channel isn’t about in-game analysis or those fake information videos. I try to focus on practical information. If you want to experience something new, visiting my channel will help a lot.


Q. Can you recommend any champion that goes well with the current meta?

I think Vladimir is a quality pick these days. You know why? If he has Electrocute and Ignite, he can deal exactly 460 damage at level 2. If you are aware of this, you can instantly kill the enemy ADC/marksman or Support. ‘E - Ignite - Q - Electrocute - basic damage’ combo at level 2 deals exactly 460 damage. (Q. Well, I don’t really understand…) Okay, I’m going to post this on my YouTube channel. (laughs)


Q. HLE’s next match is against Jin Air Green Wings. What are your thoughts?

We were on a bad start every split. This split, I’m going to focus more and try to start off well; we will try our best to get good results. Thank you.


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