Griffin Viper: "I’m confident about making it to the playoffs."

The last match of the 2018 LCK Summer split Day 3 was the matchup between Griffin and MVP.


MVP had the head start on game 1. They focused their early game resources on Top lane and succeeded on gaining the advantage. However, things became even near the mid game phase. The two teams managed to put up quite a competition by trading some kills and turrets. Near the 35 minute mark, Griffin’s ADC, Park “Viper” Do-hyeon showed a remarkable performance with his Vladimir. Griffin soon slayed the Baron and closed the game.


On game 2, Griffin had the advantage in every lane. The team’s Top laner, Choi “Sword” Sung-won showed an exceptional performance on his Mundo. Using the Top advantage, Griffin managed to destroy the Top and Bottom lane turrets. In mid game, the team won a huge teamfight using Mundo’s tank ability near the Baron pit. Griffin destroyed MVP’s Nexus near the 30 minute mark.


Sword and Viper were interviewed by OGN after the match.


Q. Your Vladimir was exceptional! Are you this good in any position?

Viper: Yes. I go to random lanes in solo queue, so probably that’s why.


Q. Why do you try to practice other positions? Isn’t it more efficient to focus on your main role?

Viper: Well, I am an ADC/marksman, but as I was playing in Bottom lane, I thought that I had a hard time catching up with what was happening in other lanes, so I wanted to try out other lanes and learn how they play their roles.


Q. Why did Lehends cry on his first match? We need to know the truth.

Viper: I told him that the enemy Jungler was trying to gank Bottom. However, he died. He also got killed again right after that too. Well, Soraka is really hard to get back on track if she gets killed a few times. I think he cried because he felt sorry about his plays.   


Q. The fans are seeing Griffin as a quality team. Do you feel the attention the team is receiving? 

Sword: I think we’re not on the point of becoming a good team yet. Probably the fans  thought about our performance in the Promotion match against MVP.


Q. (video of Viper’s Vladimir) Do you have any know-hows of when to initiate a fight?

Viper: Not really. I sometimes feel that we can win the teamfight no matter what. Also, when I'm cetain that I can carry the game, I try to be more aggressive in fights.  


Q. (video of Sword’s Mundo) You were literally standing right in front of the opponent. What happened there?

Sword: I wanted to look cool. Well, I didn’t think that the opponent would engage for a fight. They eventually did and we won.


Q. Let’s be honest. Did you expect that you would be the MVP?

Sword: I didn’t think that I was the MVP since Mundo is just a Top tank champion. You know, Top laners get a lot of help from the Junglers, so I would like to thank my Jungler, Tarzan. I thought he would be the MVP.


Q. Did you plan a Top dive when the opponent Nocturne was near Mid?

Sword: Tarzan actually told me that, “If Nocturne is heading to Mid, let’s go for a Top dive”. He was the one who planned it. If I was good as Kiin or Khan… I still have a lot of things to learn.


Q. Sword sacrificed a lot as a Top laner for the team. Do you have anything to say to him?

Viper: It’s hard to get the spotlight when playing Top. I want to thank him for what he’ve done.  


Q. Do you have confidence and faith in the team’s playstyle?

Viper: I thought that we would win the second game as long as we don’t make a lot of mistakes. Our head coach agreed as well. Our pick bans were quite good.


Q. You once said that you would make it to the Worlds. Are you still that confident?

Viper: I don’t know about that yet. But, at least, I’m confident about making it to the playoffs.

Q. Anything to say for the fans?

Sword: I would like to maintain this positive vibe. Thank you for supporting me.


Q. Any last remarks?

Viper: I would like to thank our head coach, cvMax.

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