Sangyoon on His Victory Against bbq Olivers: "(singing) I feel happy~ I feel happy"

The first match of the 2018 LCK Summer split Day 3 was the matchup between Hanwha Life Esports(HLE) and bbq Olivers (BBQ).


Currently rated as the ‘god-like’ Jungle champ, Taliyah made her first appearance in the Summer split. However, this time she was used as a Mid champion by HLE. The 141st champion, Pyke made his first appearance as well; he was picked as a Support by BBQ. On the early game phase, IgNar’s Pyke secured a few kills gaining the advantage for BBQ. However, once HLE’ s composition hit their power spikes on level 6, the team began to fight back with their ‘4 global ults’. With Taliyah getting some kills, the team snowballed quickly eventually securing the win.


On game 2 the ‘Karthus - Nunu’ comp was used by BBQ. Unlike yesterday’s game, this time, Karthus seemed to succeed on ‘dirty farming’ on Mid lane and Jungle camps. He also managed to get some kills using his ult as well. However, Sangyoon’s Ryze  showed some unbelievable mechanics, leading to a huge teamfight victory for HLE. They soon brought back the advantage by slaying the Baron. Using the buff, HLE easily went past BBQ’s turrets claiming their victory.


Sangyoon and Lava were interviewed by OGN after the match.


Q. The two MVPs seemed to have some 'family support' today.

Sangyoon: Yes, it was a 'parent buff'.


Lava: When I imagine my parents visiting the arena, I feel rather pressured. That's why I told them not to come. I felt really happy that I’ve won since it was their first day to actually watch me perform on stage.


Sangyoon: My parents usually come to see me when they think that I’d win the game. I’ll try to win more and make my parents get more opportunities to watch me on stage.

Q. I heard that the team rode a huge bus that has a refrigerator inside.

Lava: There’s a monitor. We also can lay down. It’s surprising.


Q. Now that you have a different team sponsor, are there any changes you would like to share with the fans?

Sangyoon: Now we have an air purifier in every room.


Lava: We lost our first match against Griffin. But, they bought us beef to make us cheer up for next match. It was so cool.


Q. Was your Mid Taliyah prepared beforehand? 

Lava: Actually, I thought she would have been banned. So, when we found out she wasn’t banned, we picked her right away. Then, the team decided to use her as a Mid pick.


Q. Who do you think is the better Taliyah user? Is it SeongHwan or Lava?

Sangyoon: In my opinion, I think that the opponent didn’t ban Taliyah because they thought that SeongHwan is not a skilled Taliyah user. On the other hand,  Lava did use her a lot. We did have a team comp that goes well with Taliyah, so that’s why we picked her.


Q. Since Taliyah is currently well-known for her strengths as a Jungle pick, people think that using her as a Mid is not that efficient. Can you share some tips on how to use her as a Mid champ?

Lava: She does lack early game lane push abilities. However, if you can manage to push, her roaming is so much better than before. Her mobility has been enhanced as well, so it depends on how you use it. She still is a decent pick.

Q. (teamfight clips of Lava’s Taliyah) You seemed to use your Stopwatch efficiently.

Lava: (laughs) Well, I think I did.


Q. HLE’s champion comp in game 1 seemed somewhat risky. Wasn’t it hard to perform?

Sangyoon: To be frank, it is kind of risky. If you make a single mistake, it can affect the team quite a lot. But, our head coach said that we’ll be able to pull it off if we can stick with our usual performance. He told us to not think about the risks.


Q. Pyke made his first appearance. It seemed like you dealt with the matchup efficiently. How did the team manage to practice against him?

Sangyoon: Honestly, we did not have a lot of chances to practice on the Pyke matchup. Well, we figured out that the other teams were not banning Pyke. So, we decided to not ban him. I also think that if I’m with a tank support, it’s much easier to face him.


Lava: I think Pyke isn’t a very good pick.


Q. I personally think that you were good on your Ryze in game 2. How do you think about that?

Sangyoon: I did practice a lot with Vladimir before the matchup against Griffin, but I had a hard time facing Ryze. So, I decided to use Ryze and it seems like he is a better pick. (laugh)


Q. As a Mid laner, can you rate Sangyoon’s Vladimir and Ryze?

Lava: His Vladimir is better than mine because he practiced so much. Well, talking about his Ryze… I think my Ryze is better than his. He needs more practice on him.


Q. (video of Sangyoon’s Ryze) You’ve used numerous ADCs in your past, but now that you are using an AP champ, isn’t it hard to find the right position in teamfights? What is your solution for this?

Sangyoon: Well… The position called ADC/Marksman has vanished. Well, those ADC champions used to be so vulnerable against Camille. However, if you’re using a Mid champ, it’s much more comfortable.  (Q. So, you’re better off with Mid champs?) Yeah, I think I am. I’d like to become a mage. (laugh)


Q. I heard that the HLE staff and players are putting in some effort these days; practicing till 6 AM. Is it true?

Lava: Yeah it is. We now have a 10-man roster, so we can scrim whenever we want.


Q. What do you think about the Karthus - Nunu comp?

Sangyoon: I heard that you can counter the pick by using Lulu; you can constantly push through lane and also poke Karthus as well. Also, picking an aggressive Jungle champ is effective too. That’s why we picked Lulu and Olaf.


Lava: I think you can counter the Karthus - Nunu comp. That’s why I think it isn’t a good strategy to use.


Q. Any last words for the fans?

Lava: We’ll prepare well on our remaining matches and I’d like make it to the playoffs this split.


Q. Are you happy that you’ve won?

Sangyoon: Yes I am. (singing) “I feel happy~ I feel happy”

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