AFs Kuro: "Those who quickly find the most viable champions will have the upper hand. That's why our team has the upper hand"

Having started in Spring, Afreeca Freecs has continued to get great results. Even during this chaotic state of the current meta, Kuro as a midlaner has stood strong to carry his team to victory. After the series in which AFs took down SKT T1 with a score of 2-0, Kuro joined us for an interview to give us his opinions regarding the current meta.

It has been a while since we've talked at a stadium. How did you spend your time before the Summer Split began?

The off-season was longer than usual this time. Therefore, we had more time to prepare for Summer. Last night, although we were just a day away from playing on stage at a tournament, it didn't really feel like that at all. It's because we always practice like we're on stage anyway. 

Maybe that's why you were able to win today's series 2-0.

We were initially worried because our first opponent was SKT. However, we had prepared really well, I think that's why we were able to win 2-0. 

What do you think about the current meta, where picks you never expect to see actually show up? It feels like AFs will be one of the quickest to adapt.

Honestly speaking, those who quickly find the most viable champions with no weaknesses will have the upper hand. That's why our team has the upper hand... maybe other teams have found them as well.

Why did you guys pick LeBlanc in game 1?

Because she's an all-around okay pick.

I actually don't like picking her without checking what the enemy midlane champion is first. But the coach made me do it. (Laughs) 

In game 2, how did it feel laning against Bang? It's pretty rare for such a thing to happen in professional play. 

First of all, because Bang isn't a midlaner, his skill shots and plays on Lulu were definitely a bit off. I just played against him thinking, "He's just an ADC." 

Afreeca seems like a team that'll put the 'Taric-Master Yi' strategy to good use. Are you fully willing to play a support champion like Taric in the midlane?


From what I've seen, when playing that composition, Taric is almost always played by the midlaner. It's because Yi is a jungle champion; a jungler will have a better understanding of him and the jungle when playing him. In the case of the 'Karthus-Nunu' composition -- because Karthus is a midlane champion -- often times, the midlaner plays Karthus. 

However, if Spirit wants me to play Nunu, I will. I'm also fully willing to play Taric or even Braum. It'll mostly depend on the situation, really.

What's your opinion on midlane Braum?

Similar to Taric and Nunu, Braum can be played in the midlane as a support for the jungler. 

Which champion would you recommend to solo queue midlaners?

To be honest, because of the current meta, it doesn't matter what you play. Just wait for your enemy to pick first, then pick something that looks or feels stronger. (Laughs) 

You'll be playing against KT Rolster next. They won't be an opponent to take lightly. 

It feels like we're always put up against strong opponents as early as the opening match of a split until the very end. Just like Spring, we'll do our best to beat whoever we face; be it SKT, KT, Gen.G, or Kingzone. If we're able to beat each and every LCK team at least once, I think we'll be able to get the hang of it and play at a steady pace. Thank you.

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