AFs TusiN: "I don’t expect much from my ADCs since they use champions that they’ve barely used before."

The second match of the 2018 LCK Summer split Day 2 was the matchup between Afreeca Freecs (AFs) and SKT T1.


On game 1, Afs got a head start by scoring a First Blood on SKT T1’s Lulu. They eventually gained advantage in every lane. This snowballed to their teamfights; AFs simply dominated the game, destroying the Nexus on the 26 minute mark.


TusiN’s Rakan was just remarkable on game 2 by dominating every teamfight. AFs did seem to hit a wall by losing a fight in mid-game, but they recovered right away with some quality initiating from TusiN’s Rakan near the 24 minute mark. After winning more teamfights and securing the Baron, they eventually slayed the Elder dragon, which led to their victory.  


Spirit and TusiN were interviewed by OGN after the match.



Q. I heard that Spirit said it was his first time seeing TusiN trying this hard in a game to win.

Spirit: On game 2, TusiN literally did what 5 people can do all by himself. His calls were full of details, asking us to do this and that.


Q. How did you manage to do all those specific calls?

TusiN: I kind of felt pressured. I think that’s why I tried to do better in the game.


Q. Fans say that the current meta goes well with AFs playstyle. What are your thoughts about this?

Spirit: Since our coaching staff is remarkable when dealing with changes, the players can prepare more easily. Probably, that’s why the fans said that.


Q. You’ve used some surprise picks in Jungle in the past such as Lulu and Tristana. I think your style goes well with the meta.

Spirit: I like to try new things and bring the data to the coaching staff. If they think it is an okay pick, they support and believe in my choice.


Q. Taliyah was banned this match. As a Jungler, do you think she is a ‘god-like’ pick?

Spirit: I think the opponent players met my Taliyah in solo queue. Well, I do think is a good pick.


Q. As a Support, what do you think about the current change in the Bottom lane?

TusiN: ADCs aren’t the usual ADC we knew anymore. There are a lot of kill situations in Bottom lane. Aggressive picks such as Shen and Alistar are picked a lot. That’s why I think it’s fun.


Q. Isn’t the sudden change stressful  to overcome as a pro?

TusiN: I don’t expect much from my ADCs since the picks they use are mostly champions that they’ve barely used before. Probably this is the same for most of the teams as well. Still, I do think that my team is doing great.


Q. (video clip of Spirit ganking Bottom lane) Did you think you’ll get killed?

TusiN: I thought I’d live, but I died.


Q. (video clip of Spirit ganking Bottom lane) Were you expecting this to happen, or did you go to Bottom lane after the fight occurred?

Spirit: I knew it would happen. (Q. You might have died doing nothing. ) I really knew that I wouldn’t die.


Q. Because the meta is about snowballing fast, champions such as Nocturne seem to be not that efficient since they gain their power after level 6.

Spirit: I think the same too.(laugh)


Q. Your win rate using Nocturne isn’t that good. Was the Nocturne pick prepared as a team for the meta or was it a pick from your personal preference?

Spirit: I did personally like to use Nocturne. But, the team tried to stop me since I sometimes dash in to the enemies carelessly. I try to listen to the coaching staff.


Q. (teamfight in Mid lane) How did you plan this teamfight?

TusiN: Well, if things were going to be like this, I’d thought that we’d lose all of our inhibitors. That’s why I told the team to initiate a teamfight.


Q. Faker and Bang seemed to be changing lanes. What were your thoughts on this?

Spirit: I was actually thankful. We’ve experienced a lot of those situations in practice.


Q. So, did the team’s 10-man roster help?

Spirit: Yes. The rest of the team who couldn’t make it to the startings are the real MVPs. They've put in a lot of effort.


Q. Kiin performed well with his Aatrox. Do you think he became a better player after his trip to the Asian Games.

TusiN: Well… I didn’t really feel any changes. In the game, he solo-killed the opponent so I told him, “I have to count on you Kiin. If you can manage to do well in lane phase, I’ll be the one who’ll do everything in teamfights.”


Q. Any words for the fans?

TusiN: We started off well with a 2:0 victory. I’ll do my best to win the other games 2:0 as well. Thank you.


Spirit: Our second game wasn’t as good as our first one. Next match, we’ll try to play like our first game. Thank you.

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