GEN Fly: "KZ's picks were kind of weird."

The first match of the 2018 LCK Summer split Day 2 was the matchup between Gen.G and Kingzone DragonX (KZ)


On game 1, KZ’s Jungler, Cuzz showed some of his talents with his Xin Zhao. Khan was using his signature Jayce pick and dominated the Top lane as well. KZ managed to destroy the first turret right after Cuzz’s successful Bottom gank and snowballed quickly eventually winning the game.


Gen.G subbed in Haru for Ambition on game 2; Haru seemed to be in his best form with his Camille. He dominated the rift starting off with a series of level 2 ganks. Once he succeeded his Bottom gank, he directly went to Mid and secured a kill. Ruler’s Ezreal started gaining kills and built 2 core items on a 15 minute phase. Gen.G soon managed to slay the Baron securing their win.


The last game snowballed from KZ’s early 4-man Top dive. They did kill Gangplank, but he earned enough time for the rest of the team to join. Eventually Gen.G managed to gain some kills from KZ’s rather risky dive and snowballed early. The team easily secured their win destroying the enemy Nexus.


After the match, Haru, Fly and Ruler were interviewed by OGN.


Q. You’ve made your comeback to the LCK. How do you feel?

Fly: First of all, if I lost this match, I would have been flamed by the fans. I’m actually very happy since we’ve won. Today is by far one of the happiest days for me these days.


Q. So, you weren’t that happy recently? Does it mean that your practice wasn’t going that well?

Fly: Actually, practice went as planned. We were really good.


Q. You were a member of KZ. Did the ‘Fly vs Bdd’ matchup get to you?

Fly: Well, I would have to say that I was well aware of the matchup that I would be facing.


Q. So, Haru. Did Fly call for Mid ganks a lot? Did he call for you more than he normally did?

Haru: I don’t think so. He called when it was really needed.


Q. Gen.G’s picks seemed to be not following the new meta; some of those old traditional picks were chosen. The team lost the first game using this strategy and you were subbed in for the second game. Were there any requests to you from the team?

Haru: The head coach told me to play as usual.  (Q. Usual means to play aggressive?) It was like practice. I usually try to play aggressive based on the situation.


Q. (Watching a teamfight) Weren’t you afraid that you might lose this fight?

Haru: We were way ahead at that time so we were quite confident. (Q. You bought the Stopwatch for this fight right?) Yeah. I wanted to play more aggressive. I had 600 gold and it felt that it would be better to buy the Stopwatch than buying boots.


Q. You are well known for your in-game team calls. What are your thoughts on your new team’s calls?

Fly: I think only CoreJJ usually made the calls and tried to talk a lot. After I joined the team, I think we try to talk more with each other.


Q. Your early game ganks using Camille were remarkable. Was it your call or was it from the team?

Haru: Frankly speaking, I wanted to get the Rift Scuttler. (Q. Look at Fly. He looks like he’s in a good mood.) Fly actually told me that it was the perfect Mid gank timing.


Q. So, Fly. Why did you call for a Mid gank?

Fly: Aurelion Sol users usually tend to push their lane. So that’s why I called for a gank.


Q. The two teams used Aurelion Sol. It would have been meaningful since you won when you picked him. Why did you pick Sol?

Fly: The opponent picks were kind of weird. They didn’t have any CC skills. I was thinking of using Ryze or Aurelion Sol. The team wanted me to play Sol, so that’s why I picked him.


Q. You built the Banner of Command when playing Aurelion Sol which was quite surprising. How would you rate the Banner of Command?

Fly: I wasn’t thinking of building it, but I did because the item will be soon erased. I just wanted to make good use of it before it's erased.


Q. There were a lot of changes in the Jungle position. You might think that your playstyle goes well with the current meta. What are your thoughts on this?

Haru: I think it does go well with the meta. I’m confident on playing aggressive champions that requires high mechanics. Well, I think the meta is perfect with my playstyle.

Q. (Ruler up on stage) ADCs are having such a harsh time. So, we might as well ask Ruler about this. Is it okay for ADCs to pick ADC champions these days?

Ruler: Personally I think that they’re not picking ADC champs because they lack talent. (Q. Isn’t it trolling if you pick an ADC champ?) No it’s not. I’ve been to the Asian Games, so it was hard to adjust to the meta. I’ve used some ADC champs in solo queue and I thought it was okay to pick.


Q. So, It’s okay to only use ADC champions as an ADC user?

Ruler: I’ve tried those new meta picks in Bot lane, but I was so bad. That’s why I think ADC champions are better.


Q. Then can you recommend some good ADC champions in the current meta?

Ruler: You know, this is a part of team strategy. (Q. Then, can you choose just 3 champions for us?) Kog’Maw, Lucian and Kai’Sa.


Q. Would Gen.G perform well in the Summer split?

Fly: Well we did win. Some people might have been disappointed, but we’ve won today so I hope they’ll have faith in my performance. I’m going to try my best to win the title, so I want to ask for support from the fans.


Q. Any last words?

Haru: We won the first match so I’m really happy. I’ll try to win the next match too.

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