GEN Ruler: "I think the meta will go on, but I'll always be there to stop them with an ADC."

On the 13th of June (KST) in the 2018 LCK Summer Split Day 2 match, Gen.G Esports (GEN) defeated Kingzone DragonX (KZ) 2-1. Park “Ruler” Jae-hyeok picked Ezreal twice and showed that the AD Carry was still alive.

The following is the interview with Ruler.


Q. You won the first match of the split. How do you feel?

There were big changes in the meta. I’m happy that we won playing an ADC champion. I think we can make other teams confused with today’s match.

Q. You probably didn’t have enough time to practice because of the Asian Games. How was it?

I can’t say that it was no problem. After playing in a few scrims, I decided that ADC champions are still better.

Q. Your composition had many global ultimate skills. How did you prepare for the match?

We had good results during scrims and we picked the good champions from many different compositions.

Q. What did you think of KZ’s composition?

Looking at the 10 champions picked, I thought we had a far better comp. Just looking at the bot lane, we were far advantageous.

Q. In Game 1, you lost picking an ADC. Why did you insist on picking an ADC champion?

I picked the most relevant ADC thinking of the results I had playing against bruisers in the recent meta.

Q. The opponent kept picking Mordekaiser. What did you think was their weakness?

In Game 1, we were advantageous in laning but we made too many mistakes because of the pressure from ganks. Afterwards, we gave feedback saying let’s not die and play like we’ve always played.

Q. Is turning the game around impossible in the current meta?

It’s not impossible. However, it depends on how much the game has been tilted and whether or not you have a champion really strong in the late game.

Q. You should have many regrets in the Spring Split. How do you think this split will go?

In the spring, our practice and the competition was both not going well. In this split, since I’m doing really well, we’ll have good results if I’m able to keep my form. It’s not only me, the whole team is doing really well so we’re making plays trusting each other.

Q. Do you think this meta will continue?

I think the meta will go on, but I’ll always be there to stop them with an ADC. Of course, it’s only possible if I stay good. (Laughs)

Q. Your next match is against SKT T1. Do you think you can continue winning?

If we’re able to have a good flow and if my confidence isn’t too excessive, we’ll win.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

We won the first match today. I’ll stay on my toes and not become careless. Thank you for all the support the fans send us.

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