Griffin Viper: "It’s really hard to scale ADCs nowadays and even with the growth, there’s no big advantage to it."

On the 12th of June in the 2018 LCK Summer Split, Griffin defeated Hanwha Life Esports and recorded their first win in the LCK. Although they lost Game 1, Griffin made a comeback in Game 2 showing off their skills in teamfighting. They were able to take Game 3 as well. In today’s matches, Park “Viper” Do-hyeon played Ryze and Vladimir and delivered good performance to lead the team’s victory.

The following is the interview with Viper.


Q. You won your debut match in the LCK. How do you feel?

I’m happy that we won, but I’m not completely satisfied since a game didn’t go well. I thought that I need to make improvements since we’re just starting now.

Q. What did you think after losing Game 1? Was there pressure?

Feeling pressure is normal. I tried to turn that pressure into good performance. I thought that even if we were trailing, we could turn it around if we just did what we can do well.

Q. You’re an ADC yet you didn’t pick an ADC champion today.

In the current meta, nearly all the ADC champions are bad. Lucian is usable; he’s an ADC champion which is really unlike an ADC champion. It’s really hard to scale ADCs nowadays and even with the growth, there’s no big advantage to it.

Q. How was playing in the LCK for the first time?

I really did my best in the play-in stage, but in the LCK, each and every match felt like that play-in stage. I thought being careless for one split second can cause downfall to rock bottom. The pressure is completely different.

Q. Many fans say that Griffin is really good at teamfights. What’s your secret?

I think trusting the teammates is the best answer. If there are problems in the early game, we might feel bad, but we shouldn’t. We’re one team. We try hard to end the game having trust in each other.

Q. Your next match is against MVP. You might be able to ride a good flow if you beat them. How do you think it will go?

I think I would have been more anxious if we won 2-0 today. Since we lost a game, I think we’ll be able to prepare more thoroughly. We’ll do our best preparing for the next match thinking every team we play against is the best team.

Q. You’ll be continuing to play for a while now. Isn’t it your first time?

We had a lot of time to prepare when we were in Challengers Korea, but personally, I like this schedule better. I think I’m really good in the current meta and I want to prove it. I yielded my position a lot when I played solo queue so I’m really confident in playing other champions.

Q. Lehends was crying. Do you know why?

I think it was because he was sorry for being ganked at lv.1. Actually, I told him that a gank might be coming before he died. He was really sorry as if he lost at Worlds. (Laughs)

Q. Do you have any last comments?

Although he plays a different position, I want to become a special player like Faker.

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