Griffin Lehends on Ryze: "He seemed like a good champion whether used in mid lane or bottom."

The second match of 2018 LCK Summer Split Day 1 was between Hanwha Life Esports (HLE) and Griffin (GRF).

It was a 'first' to both teams: for HLE, it was the first match after being changed to HLE from ROX Tigers and for Griffin, it was the team's first LCK match.

Game 1 was again without the AD Carry; bottom lanes were consisted of Vladimir, Fiddlestick for HLE and Ryze, Shen for GRF, but the bottom lane didn't have the spotlight. The game was dominated by Lindarang's Darius and HLE took game 1.

In Game 2, GRF substituted in Chovy in place of Rather at mid lane. At first, HLE took the lead and pushed the lanes into the second turrets. However, GRF was very confident in teamfights; they started to win teamfight after teamfight, and while HLE were trying to cut off Shen, GRF went backdoor and destroyed the Nexus.

In the last game, GRF played Dr. Mundo into Lindarang's Darius. After Darius was cut off in the river, Dr. Mundo became nearly impossible to kill. Chovy was very active playing Zoe dealing most of the team’s damage. After securing Baron, GRF didn’t allow HLE much time and took the 2-1 victory.

After the match, Lehends and Chovy were interviewed by SPOTV.


Q. It seemed like you were crying after game 2.

Lehends: It seemed like whenever CoreJJ cried, he won Worlds. So I did the same to win Worlds. (Q. So you’re aiming to become world champions?) Yes.

Q. (To Chovy) It was your first game today. Were you nervous?

Chovy: I was nervous a bit, but it was fun. It was fun because I didn’t make many mistakes and just playing on stage itself was really fun.

Lehends: Chovy was really good today. I think he should take more credit than me for today’s win.

Q. What did the coaching staff tell you to do when you came in in Game 2?

Chovy: They didn’t tell me much. (Q. Then what did you think you can do in Game 2?) It’s hard to say. I can’t find the words to say it.

Q. It seems like you’re quite nervous. Many people came to cheer for you. Who came?

Lehends: My parents came. They were here and I think they went home. Thank you for coming.

Q. (To Chovy) Did you know that you’ll be playing today?

Chovy: Yes. (Q. Did you tell the people around you that you’ll be playing today?) No, I didn’t. (Q. So you didn’t tell any friends?) I didn’t keep touch with most friends so I wasn’t able to.

Q. Too much time practicing! How about a message to those friends that might be surprised seeing you sitting here?

Chovy: Cheer for me!

Q. (To Lehends) In Game 3 around 22 minutes, you used the Stopwatch at mid lane. Was that a mistake?

Lehends: I was trying to change the items in number 2 and 5 slots and used it by mistake.

Q. You picked Ryze often today. How is Ryze?

Lehends: Many people know Ryze as a counter to Vladimir. When we practiced, he seemed like a good champion whether used in mid lane or bottom so we prepared Ryze a lot.

Q. Many people were curious of picking Dr. Mundo even when Darius was already picked.

Lehends: I was also curious of the same thing before. What I heard was Darius is advantageous early in the game but Dr. Mundo gets better against him with time.

Q. It seems like Chovy wasn’t nervous at all during the game.

Chovy: I was quite nervous in Game 2, but I tried not to express it. (Q. How about now?) I’m really nervous now, because I’m not very good at talking. (Q. You’re doing quite well!) Really? I didn’t know.

Q. What kind of performance do you want to show from now on?

Chovy: I want to be good always.

Q. Do you have any regrets for today?

Chovy: I’m regretful that I wasn’t able to play Irelia today.

Q. Are there any players that you want to play against in the LCK?

Chovy: I want to play against Faker. (Q. Have you ever imagined playing against him? What do you think you’ll need to do?) I think I need to be really good from the laning. (Q. So although he’s a player that you respect, are you confident to play against him?) Yes.

Q. Viper says you have weak mentality. What do you have to say on that?

Lehends: That is completely wrong. And I may seem bright or shallow but I’m pretty charismatic.

Q. Your goal was reaching the LCK. Now that you have, what’s your new goal?

Chovy: I think it would be the same for all teams, but I want to win the Summer Split.

Lehends: It would be the same for me, but I think I’ll be really happy if we make it to the playoffs. (Q. Didn’t you say that you want to win Worlds?) I want to win Worlds. (Laughs)

Q. Lastly, any comments to the fans?

Lehends: I’m really thankful to the fans that watched today. Although we’re not perfect, we’ll do our best to improve and deliver better performance. Thank you!


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