MVP Ian on Taric: "I didn’t become a mid laner to play this fatso champion."

On the 12th of June (KST), the first match of the 2018 LCK Summer Split was held. The first match was between bbq Olivers and MVP.

In the recent League of Legends scene, the meta had changed drastically and fans were curious of how the pro scene will go.

The picks & bans were interesting starting from Game 1. Both teams brought out the most infamous compositions in the recent meta. MVP locked in Master Yi and Taric and bbq went with Karthus and Nunu. MVP picked Lulu in the ADC position. The game started off well for bbq, taking first blood in the invade phase. However, the Master Yi - Taric composition was too strong. Yondu proudly carried the team with 12 kills and MVP was able to take Game 1.

Bbq banned out Master Yi in Game 2 and this time, the picks were closere to the previous meta. MVP picked Lucian and bbq picked Ezreal in their ADC positions. This time, Irelia meant trouble for bbq. Ian played Irelia and recorded a quadra-kill. MVP piled up their benefits and closed the game in 32 minutes to take the victory for the day.

After the match, Yondu and Ian were interviewed by SPOTV.

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Q. Congratulations on the win!

Ian: Thank you.

Q. How was it after the 8.11 patch update? Did today’s game go as you thought?

Yondu: I think it went better than I thought. We showed this today; other teams will show what’s left [in the new meta] from now on.

Q. (To Ian) You took the first quadra-kill of the summer. How was it?

Ian: It was really delicious! I felt really good after recording the quadra-kill. After that play, I thought that I would be voted MVP no matter what; the only thing needed was winning the game.

Q. There were a few dangerous situations, but it seemed like you didn’t allow bbq to make a comeback.

Ian: I did make some risky plays but since we were so much ahead, I thought that we wouldn’t lose unless we lose a big teamfight.

Q. (To Yondu) It’s your first game as Yondu. Do you think your performance is better with your new ID?

Yondu: I don’t think it’s much different. When I first got notified that I needed to change my ID from Riot because there was another player that used Beyond before I did, many people suggested many IDs, but I decided on what first came to mind.

Q. What were some of the other candidates?

Ian: Hawa. (Q. Hawa?) Ian. [Hawaiian]

Q. (Laughs) Why didn’t you pick that?

Yondu: I thought it might be weird being called Hawa without Ian.

Q. How was today’s match for you?

Yondu: It was fun. I just farmed without thinking and my teammates helped me a lot. I think the Master Yi - Taric comp is really good. I really had fun playing today.

Q. It could have been fun for you, but…

Ian: (Interrupts) It. Was. Not. Fun. While playing Taric, many thoughts shot through my mind like ‘I didn’t become a mid laner to play this fatso champion’. I started to feel more respect towards Max and all the support players.

Q. Nowadays, extraordinary picks are appearing in the ADC position. How do you think of the 8.11 patch?

Ian: I think something’s wrong. (Q. Are you dissing Riot?) A bit? All teams probably went through a really hard time after the patch. There was so much change. (Q. But you did pretty well?) That’s right.

Q. So you brought out the Master Yi - Taric comp. Are you prepared to play against that comp?

Yondu: If we play something, we always have a counter to that, so if any other teams play it, we’re always prepared.

Q. You’re off to a good start. How do you think your summer will go?

Yondu: I hope we can shake off the nightmare from spring. I want to see a wider world at a higher spot.

Q. Lastly, a comment to your many fans?

Ian: I feel good because the game was fun. I think the game was fun to watch as well. I hope you all continue to cheer us. Thank you.


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