[KR Reactions] RNG vs FNC: "Singed looked like Messi dribbling through defenders!"

※ Game 1

- Pre-game & Draft -

▷ Wow.. Irelia?!
└ Faker played Irelia often in his personal streams. Maybe they saw that?
└ Let’s let Faker be now…
└ I never thought that I would see that arrogant face in professional play…
└ Irelia + Vladimir… It seems that the teamfight will be insanely strong.
└ Uzi picked teleport?
└ I wonder how they’ll play macro.
└ Isn’t having TP on Caitlyn too arrogant?

- During game -

▷ What happened? 5 kills in 5 minutes?
└ Because of that arrogant TP of Caitlyn….
└ They’re fighting more fiercely than I thought. I think they’ll stop after giving and taking 3 kills each.
└ Now they have a lot to lose.
(Uzi +1 kill)
└└ NVM…
└ Did Broxah buy Targon’s Brace?
└└ Junglers are always poor..


▷Wow.. Uzi followed that Tahm Kench ult with TP…
└ Was his arrogance for that?
└ Isn’t it just a coincidence?
└ Uzi is good yes, but Fnatic is doing really well.
└ Is this doing well? The whole game is chaos!
└ It’s already a game out of this world. Does 28 kills in 25 minutes make sense??

▷ They’re fighting like rivals of the soul.
└ Irelia isn’t fighting as well as I thought she would.
└ She’s getting kills, but dying as much.
└ Girl Yasuo.
└└ LOL
└ They’re hitting Baron… Letting him heal… Hitting him again… Stopping… When will they kill him?
└└ Baron: Kill….me……..

▷ Caps scaled enough to carry. Now this game is really Caps vs Uzi.
(Caps joins teamfight late and Fnatic loses teamfight)
└ And if that Caps is missing, the result is as you see…
└ Hm… A bit lacking Caps vs Uzi…
(Caps dies)
└ Okay, game 1 goes to RNG. They lost too much in a few minutes.

- Post-game -

▷ So game 1 goes to RNG. Still, it was fun. So many kills.
└ Now China isn’t like before. They’re games are fun.
└ I think they’ll hit a total of 100 kills at the end of today.
└ I think they’ll be more conservative from the next game. Game 1 isn’t that important.
└ Tahm Kench is always the ‘victim’ role in highlights. LOL.
└└ Although he looks more like the villain.


※ Game 2

- Pre-game & Draft -

▷ Seeing RNG ban Yasuo…. So that’s how RNG thinks about Caps.
└ Maybe it’s a champion that Uzi hates.
└ All the RNG bans are champions that made Uzi frustrated or killed Uzi.
└ Those champion banners behind… did they know which champions were going to be picked?
└└ That’s CG you idiot…..

- During Game -

▷ RNG is putting pressure in the bottom lane really hard. There’s no point to the Ezreal-Janna pick for FNC now.
└ And Zac is staying close to look for a chance.
└ Vladimir is coming now too. But it doesn’t seem that they took much benenfit.
└ I was a bit worried about Caps but he seems to be doing well.

▷ Caps is really good. I think he’ll do good in any region. Game 1 was good too.
└ I thought Aurelion Sol was just a normal macro pick, but he’s really good at it.
└ EuroDragon!
└ But it looks like it’ll be harder for Fnatic the later the game goes….

▷ Fnatic is snowballing better than I thought. The main damage dealers scaled quite well too.
└ RNG will get better as time goes. Still, FNC is running away quite well.
└└ Yeah, I thought RNG would catch up in no time.
(Baron stolen by Karsa)
└ And now, they caught up.
└ 2 more kills for Uzi. Now it should be Uzi-time.
└ Uzi is buying everything to not die! He has the stopwatch AND QSS. LMAO.

▷ How do they lose in 1 minute after leading for 30 minutes?
└ No, technically, they didn’t lose yet…
└ RNG didn’t gain much with that Baron anyway.
└ Rekkles scaled well too. He’s playing with a skin that looks just like him.
└└ Why does that matter? LOL
└ He got many kills. That’s being good.

▷ It seems like Fnatic is taking the lead with enormous effort and giving up the lead very easily… And that keeps happening continuously.
└ I’m satisfied because the games are really fun.
└ I think it’ll end 3-0.
└ It’s past 35 minutes, and I still don’t know which team will win.
└ Fnatic is being really good.
└└ Still, I think it won’t be enough.

- Post-game -

▷ It’s 2-0 after all…
└ Look at FNC faces…
└ It looks like they all will have mental breakdowns…
└ Why did Bwipo get out of their base?
└└ To kneel before Khan?
└└└ Doesn’t Khan need to kneel before Bwipo?
└└└└ They’ll be kneeling before each other...


※Game 3

- Pre-game & Draft -

▷ So will it be 3-0 or not.
└ There were many thoughts on RNG picking FNC, but seeing how it’s going, I think it was a good pick.
└ RNG is so cruel… They’re killing them at EU home…

▷ So Mlxg is playing now?
└ I think it’s because of that very questionable single-dive of Karsa in the previous game.

▷ Bwipo is playing Singed? Why??
└ Because Singed can’t go backdoor.
└└ He can’t go kneel outside the base either.

- During Game -

▷ Do you know that Fnatic was ahead in kill score before 10 minutes in all the games?
└ Why does Singed have three rings?
└└ This is the point where Singed is strongest. He gets weaker with every item added.
└└ He’s trying to play suicide Singed, but he’s been killed instead…
└ Rekkles is playing Ezreal three games in a row.. He should be having a hard time...
└└ He wants to show PraY that he’s good at Ezreal too.

▷ Why is Singed in a weird spot always? At the opponent jungle, at the opponent inhibitor?
└ That’s how you play Singed. LOL. If it’s done with other champions, you’re trolling but with Singed, it’s farming.
└ Playing like that should be fun for the pilot.

▷ ROFL!! Singed ran down ignoring everything to throw Uzi!
└ OMG!!!!
└ Now no one will say anything to Bwipo even if he dances around in front of the turret until the end of the game! LOL!
└ It looked like Messi dribbling through defenders!

▷ So Ryze and Singed are… racing?
└ Bald racing.
└ The purple baldie lost!
└ This game is insanely fun!!

▷ (Fnatic loses teamfight at 25 min) Now what… Can green baldie run?
└ I think now he’ll just die trying to start...

▷ I’m going nuts! I haven’t laughed so hard watching a pro game in such a long time!
└ People would think Fnatic is winning 2-0.
└ If that was someone I didn’t know, I would have reported him.
└ Even though he’s the god of Smite, sending him alone to Baron where five enemies are was just too much.
└ I think everyone’s mentality crumbled long ago.

▷ (After Rekkles gets a Penta-kill) That was awesome...How in the world did he do that?
└ Singed was like… you know in a fighting game, you can call your partner and the partner comes and hits the enemy and runs away… He appeared, tossed Uzi and disappeared. LMAO
└ Now FNC caught up in global gold. Will they turn it around?
└ I thought it would end early. I should have ordered that chicken…
└ This is the most fun match of this MSI. I never knew I would see the most fun match in the semi finals!

▷ Why is Broxah hanging around whenever RNG is hitting Baron?
└ That seems like a team call. LOL.
└ They should tell him to win the game instead.
└ Operation: Broxah

▷ The game’s gone too long. I think the winner is decided.
└ Maybe without Baron… They’ve done a good job.
└ There’s no way to stop Uzi. I think Singed will be cut off in three seconds.
└ They’re dying…
└ Now there’s no more field for Singed to run around so happily….
└ They still made Uzi resurrect in that mess…


- Post Game -

▷ It’s not that I didn’t predict 3-0 but it was so fun. Especially that last game.
└ I wasn’t planning to watch this one, but it was really fun.
└ Singed should have had fun in that last match. Only him.

▷ Rekkles did such a good job. He dealt more damage than Caitlyn.
└ Why isn’t there Rekkles’ penta-kill in the OGN highlight?

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