FNC Caps: "We had lost three games in a row, so NA probably had false hope..."

On the 2018 MSI Group Stage 4th Place Tiebreaker, Fnatic took down TeamLiquid, securing their spot in the semifinals.

FNC advanced to the semifinals by defeating the NA champions, TL. Throughout most of the tournament, Caps was seen as the singular carry of FNC. However, during this match, Rekkles seemed to have recovered from his slump to share the spotlight with Caps by positioning and kiting flawlessly.

Throughout the entire match, all 5 players on FNC displayed stellar performance, taking the well-deserved victory.

Caps, what does it mean to you to go to Paris?

It means so much...

The tournament has been like a roller coaster - we lost some and won some, and the games have been so back and forth. We had lost 3 games in a row, so NA probably had false hope. In the end, however, we just pulled out the same comps that we had played before, and we managed to pull it off.

You guys played the comps that people wanted to see -- like the Xayah and Rakan combo. How big of a confidence boost was this for you guys going forward?

It's really good, especially because we're going against RNG -- we'll need all the confidence that we can get. RNG is obviously a strong opponent... we lost to them during the last World Championship, so if we want to win against them, we'll have to give it our all.

I love it how you are so certain that RNG is going to pick you guys for their next opponent. The story so far has mostly been about "Caps being the singular carry." Do you think your performance in the Group Stage was MVP worthy?

Uhm... yeah, except for days 4 and 5. I think I performed really poorly on those two days. I don't know what exactly caused my underperformance, but I'm going to work on improving it. But now that we have a few days to practice new champions, maybe we'll see some new, fun picks.

Finally, is there anything that you want to say to the fans here watching?

I want to thank all the fans.

When I was watching the RNG game, there were so many RNG fans suddenly...! (Laughs) That was really fun to watch. Thank you, guys.

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