Xiaohu: "When you win too much, you sometimes loose up... The biggest enemy is actually ourselves."

RNG locks in 1st place by defeating FW.

On the 2018 MSI Group Stage 1st Place Tiebreaker match, RNG took a convincing victory against FW. By displaying stellar, dominating performance in all 5 roles, RNG continues their winning streak. It's true that the team looked to be in a struggle during the first half of the tournament, but as the tournament progressed, the players' individual performance as well as teamwork, saw major improvement. With this win, RNG will be able to choose their opponent from the top 4 for their next match.

After the match, Xiaohu was invited for an interview with Sjokz.

▲ Image source : riotgames

You guys seemed to have performed better in the second half of the tournament over the first. Why do you think that happened?

That's just normal. This is how we should perform. In the first couple of days, there's jet lag and not enough practice. But now we've adjusted, so we're now in our normal shape.

Do you think, in your best form, there's no one that can stop you guys?

I'm a little bit scared because of our winning streak. When you win too much, you sometimes loose up -- as you can see from Flash Wolves struggling right now. The biggest enemy is actually ourselves.

Now that you're no.1, you can pick your own opponent from the top 4. Is that a relief now that you can avoid Kingzone until the Finals?

Judging by our performance in the past couple of days, I'm pretty confident in playing against anyone.

What is it like for you to see so many fans cheer for you here in Berlin?

I'm really happy about all the fans here. Even though this isn't that big of an arena, the energy that the fans brought with them are tremendous. There are both Chinese and western fans that are supporting us, so I'm very happy. I also really like the food here.

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