FW Maple on Their Losing Streak: "It was mostly about adjusting our mood and attitude."

Flash Wolves remain in 1st place by defeating Kingzone DragonX.

On the 5th match of the 2018 MSI Group Stage Day 5, FW put an end to their losing streak by defeating KZ. By utilizing a unique composition of having four ranged champions, FW pushed KZ into a corner. Throughout the match, FW displayed flawless coordination and punished KZ for each and every -- small and large -- mistake that they made. 

After the match, Maple was invited for an interview with Sjokz.

You guys had lost 3 consecutive games before playing against KZ. What was different?

It was mostly about adjusting our mood and attitude. I also think that we had some issues with our picks and bans and early shotcalling. We were able to fix that issue to win our previous game.

What does it mean to you to have done so well in the first international tournament with this new lineup?

I was kind of worried about the rookies since this is their very first international tournament, but so far, they've been doing really well.

Would you consider yourself an MVP candidate for the group stage?

I think I did alright. There's a lot of other great players, too.

Which team would you like to avoid in the semifinals?

They're all really strong, so there isn't a specific team that we want to avoid. We're ready.

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