Stark: "Despite their bad start in the tournament, TeamLiquid stayed strong and kept going. They have a stronger mentality over Fnatic"

The VCS Champions make their exit with a bang.

On the 4th match of the 2018 MSI Group Stage Day 5, EVOS Esports came out on top of Fnatic. In EVS' previous matches prior to this, the team had the tendency to only play around the toplane -- putting Stark on split pushing duty. When playing against Fnatic, however, the team geared more towards playing around the botlane, showing a different kind of playstyle. With their newly found strategy, EVS took the victory, putting the faith of FNC in the hands of RNG.

After the series, Stark was invited for an interview with Sjokz.

Stark, how do you rate your own performance shown here at MSI?

We did really well in the early game, but we didn't know how to use that advantage to finish the game later on. In the mid-to-late game, we didn't know what to do, other than waiting for me to split push. The enemy teams noticed this and tried to exploit it by attacking the other parts of the map. So we realized our weakness and tried to play around our botlane. That's how we won the last game.

You guys had secured a direct seed for Vietnam in the upcoming World Championship Group Stage. If you guys manage to win the Summer Split, that spot could very well be yours. What does the next couple of months look like for EVS?

We'll try our hardest to win, and we'll have to diversify our strategy.

Currently, we're only playing around the toplane, but we should be able to play around the mid and botlane as well. We will try our best.

Who do you think will qualify for the semifinals, NA and EU?

I think TeamLiquid will make it because they have a stronger mentality. Although they had a bad start in the tournament, they stayed strong and kept going and winning. As for Fnatic, they've been underperforming recently, so mentality-wise, I think TL has the edge.

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