RNG Ming on NA and EU: "It's fifty-fifty... it's highly likely that they'll play in a tie-breaker"

Following Kingzone's steps, RNG advances to the 2018 MSI semifinals.

On Day 5 of the 2018 MSI Group Stage, RNG defeated EVS to qualify for the semifinals. The majority of the match was very one-sided in favor of RNG. By utilizing their poke-heavy composition, RNG gave absolutely no opening to their opponents, laying down a constant barrage of mystic shots and paddle stars. With the entire team staying coordinated and having Uzi pop off, RNG pushed down the enemy Nexus with ease.

Soon after the match, Ming was invited for an interview with Sjokz.

You guys won 3 games in a row. You're on a roll! In your opinion, what element in your play do you think improved the most throughout the past couple of days?

We weren't able to transition our plays from scrims to stage, so we worked on that aspect and have gotten better.

I read in an article that you're having troubles trying to adjust to the food here.
Are you better adjusting to your stay here in Europe?

I'm pretty happy with the city so far. I'm also enjoying the food here, being able to try many different kinds of food that I haven't gotten the chance to eat back in China. There's also a lot of Chinese food and fruits here.

The final team that'll qualify for the 2018 MSI Semifinals will either be Europe's Fnatic or NA's TeamLiquid. Who do you think will be the 4th team in the semifinals and why?

It's really hard to tell... it's fifty-fifty. It's highly likely that they'll play in a tie-breaker.

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