KZ Cuzz: "I want to avoid RNG... They're really good, especially Uzi"

Kingzone DragonX locked themselves into the semifinals by defeating Fnatic.

On Day 5 of the 2018 MSI Group Stage, Kingzone DragonX secured their 6th win of the tournament by defeating the European champions. During the match, although it seemed as if FNC took the lead through their aggressive plays in the early game, KZ kept a cool head and took full advantage of their strong defensive composition to counter FNC's aggressive initiations. By consecutively winning multiple teamfights in the mid-to-late game, KZ swung the gold lead in their favor and became nearly unkillable.

After the match, Cuzz was invited for an interview with Sjokz.

Kingzone got their revenge against FNC! Can you tell us about the Camille pick in the jungle? What was your mentality going into this match?

The reason for the pick was because I played it a lot in solo queue, and it's a champion that I'm very confident on. At first [when we were underperforming], we were on the verge of tilting, but we got ourselves together. I think that's how we were able to win today.

You've played twice with your team now. What is it like being subbed-in knowing that you haven't played with your team too much on stage and possibly even in practice?

Although I didn't get as much practice, I was always with the team, watching, during scrims. I also talked with Peanut which helped me a lot.

You're now officially locked into the top 4 of this tournament. Is there a team that you want to avoid?

I remember the game where we lost to a comeback... I want to avoid RNG. They're good -- especially Uzi.

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