[KR Reactions] MSI Group Stage Day 4 - "TSM! TSM! TSM! No wait... TL!"

Game 1 KZ vs RNG

- Lee Sin? What?

ㄴ Lee Sin either dominates the game or falls so hard; I’m going for the latter for this game.

ㄴ Why choose Lee Sin? There are so many other Jungle champions.

(Lee Sin getting killed in level 1)

ㄴ Umm… Yup I was right. He’s falling big time.

ㄴ Well you still don’t know, If Lee Sin starts to use his mobility and helps out the laners.

ㄴ Yeah I think so. He did die, but he’s constantly moving for sure.

- KZ did dominate the early game… But, something weird about this game tho…

ㄴ Whether he died or not, Lee Sin’s ganks were effective after all.

ㄴ Peanut seems like he doesn’t want to help out the laners at all; his CS is almost close to a laner.

ㄴ Why didn’t Galio use his ult?

ㄴ If KZ loses this match, they’ll become just a so-so team.

ㄴ I think they really will become that team.


- (ACE by RNG) The game is now totally turned upside down.

ㄴ What’s happening?

ㄴ Doesn’t MLXG usually build AD items? What’s up with his Knight’s Vow?

ㄴ That’s a vow to Uzi; MLXG is going to take care of him.

ㄴ And it seems that Uzi accepted that vow; he’s a beast!

ㄴ KZ is now officially a so-so team.


- I’m really disappointed as an LCK fan… Well, the last two defeats, aight let’s forget about it. But today, they’re slipping so bad.

ㄴ Don't forget that SKT also seemed like they were losing, but eventually they won the game.

ㄴ I have nothing else to say about today’s match.

ㄴ Isn’t it wrong to use Galio against RNG?

ㄴ Why?

ㄴ RNG was whipped by Faker’s Galio last year.

- (After the match) Okay, the praise towards Chinese teams will never stop.

ㄴ Yo, every Korean teams can’t be an international monster you know. But, I got to admit that SKT did make a rather OP image tho.

ㄴ KZ was made as a ‘domestic’ team; they’re only for the LCK.

ㄴ RNG did well of course, but it seemed that KZ performed so bad.  

ㄴ Still, FW will be the champions.


Game 2 FNC vs FW

- EU vs The Final BOSS.

ㄴ EU’s Best Swordsman vs Taiwan Number 1.

ㄴ Betty vs The Real Version of Ezreal

ㄴ LiMoojin vs um… let’s go for just ‘Broxah’


- Whoa, Xin Zhao?

ㄴ It’s Moojin, so I’m kind of expecting a good performance from him. If the user was someone else I won’t be this positive.

ㄴ This MSI is fun, thanks to FW.

ㄴ If Xin Zhao manages to win this game, he’ll appear alongside with Yasuo quite a lot in solo queue.

ㄴ Zoe is so cute!

ㄴ Caps is so cute as well!

ㄴ ???



- (Maple solo kill)Wow… Did you guys just see Maple erasing Caps?

ㄴ What just happened?

ㄴ What happened is: Maple becoming the best mid in the world.

ㄴ How did Faker win Maple?


- FNC is putting up a real competition. Both teams are so good.

ㄴ This is what I call an international event.

ㄴ I feel like watching such a better match… Think of what KZ did last game...

ㄴ Well, this just might be the finals really.

ㄴ All the other teams are finding their shapes… What happened to KZ man….

ㄴ Mental breakdown...


- (FNC stealing Baron)

ㄴ Whhhaaaat?

ㄴ LiMoojin vs The Baron Hunter

ㄴ So, this is the real EU?

ㄴ Where did NA go? Aren’t they the real rivals of EU?

ㄴ They got the bottom inhibitor: huge advantage.


- This game is so fun. Well, the performance of both teams are remarkable as well.

ㄴ I really didn’t imagine myself saying this in an EU match...But both teams are really putting up a fight.

ㄴ Bwipo keeps on getting them inhibitors; FW just can’t come out.


- (FNC’s 2nd Baron steal)

ㄴ My god again?!

ㄴ Moojin’s ratings are decreasing every second.

ㄴ The god of Smite.

ㄴ Moojin: “This is for you Score”

ㄴ Man, this match is the best! So much fun!


- Wow… Now Rekkles...

ㄴ I couldn’t imagine a team beating FW, but FNC managed to pull it off.

ㄴ Things are really hard to predict in this MSI lol.

ㄴ I am pleased. I had so much fun.

ㄴ Now the only team left: TL… Come on let’s show them something!

ㄴ I think Broxah’s performance in this game was one of his best so far.

ㄴ Well, FW looks like they did all the damage deal, but this game is about destroying the Nexus.

Game 3 EVS vs TL

- The Vietnam War once again!

ㄴ Warzone did his push ups today?

ㄴ I bet players in TL can’t even do a hundred all together.

ㄴ Okay, Kog’Maw!

ㄴ Shen + Taliyah means they’re going to focus on Doublelift right? He’s the carry for this match for sure.

ㄴ Is Doublelift Vietnamese?

ㄴ His roots? Probably from Taiwan.


- Yijin’s Kha’Zix is one of a kind.

ㄴ People call this a Vietnamese guerrilla warfare.

ㄴ Yup, he is definitely from the home of the “guerrilla warfare”.

ㄴ TL managed to get all the Drakes. Still, I’m not that sure what will happen in late game.


- But why is TL winning the game?

ㄴ Too much Napalms perhaps?

ㄴ Pobelter is doing better than I 've expected.

ㄴ His roots = KR.

ㄴ So what?

ㄴ You know, Korea did go to the Vietnam War.


- (Xmithie stealing Baron) Yo, when did Broxah export his skills?

ㄴ It’s a meta: The steal meta.

ㄴ Okay. Then who hits Baron first?

ㄴ The more urgent side usually.

ㄴ Shen already has 3 kills. Who’s going to take down that monster?

ㄴ I think FNC’s good performance acted as a catalyst.


- At first, I thought Warzone skipped his push ups. Looks like he did his routine after all. He lost his powers in late game.

ㄴ I’ll say he only did it to 500.

ㄴ Well, Pobelter is Korean American. Impact/Olleh is Korean… Is this the famous KR-US alliance?

ㄴ This game is probably going to last until there have been 5 dragons + an Elder.

ㄴ Now this game is one-sided. The gold difference is too large.


- The game went as TL planned; Shen + Taliyah + Tahm Kench. Using global ults and making Doublelift carry the game.

ㄴ This game shows why Kha’Zix is sometimes useless in certain situations. If the team can’t dominate the game, he’s just a cheerleader.

ㄴ Okay, let’s forfeit.

ㄴ EVS still has the next match, which is against KZ.

ㄴ Is Kog’Maw a bomber or something? lol

ㄴ Yup. A Napalm Bomber.


Game 4 RNG vs FW

- I think they learned something from TL’s game. FW is trying to use the similar picks and RNG trying to mess it up by using Taliyah.

ㄴ FW is using the same picks. Well, the mid pick is different.

ㄴ What? Karsa subbed in against FW?

ㄴ So, what is he going to do against his former team?

ㄴ The key for this match is for sure Karsa.

- Why is Karsa in RNG? Isn’t he from Taiwan?

ㄴ Have some interest on the transfer market.

ㄴ He moved his team in off-season.

ㄴ This guy might have not known, come on…


- A different Graves compared to Peanut’s.

ㄴ The first Jungle that gave Moojin a hard time.

ㄴ Karsa Senpai!

ㄴ Karsa: If you are a FW Jungle, this is how you should use Smite.

- 4 kills from Uzi? The game is one-sided right?

ㄴ RNG’s goal is to make Uzi OP; they managed to pull it off in only 10 minutes.

ㄴ Uzi is so good.

ㄴ So, Rekkles was right about Uzi?


- It seems like Karsa’s every move has emotions in it.

ㄴ He is basically saying “Do you guys really think the team can perform without me?”

ㄴ 12 minutes passed and 5000 gold gap already. FW is not in a good shape today.

ㄴ The defeat against FNC hit them hard.


- Now Deft is the only person that can stop Uzi.

ㄴ Well that ‘Deft’ didn’t make it to the MSI.

ㄴ Malzahar can’t even stop him.

ㄴ They’re like wearing QSS as a team uniform… Malzahar can’t stop them of course.

ㄴ Malzahar built Shurelya's Reverie; he’s trying to support the team.

- RNG is becoming so much stronger.

ㄴ Cho’Gath stealing the Penta.

ㄴ This is an example of how scary things can be if the ADC becomes OP in an early game.

ㄴ Uzi is like a damage deal machine. No wonder why other ADCs praised him.

ㄴ So… Rekkles is always right.

Game 5 KZ vs EVS

 - Peanut was somewhat out of shape. Now Cuzz is subbed in.

ㄴ Peanut did enough.

ㄴ Huh, Kennen?

ㄴ EVS basically can't make it to the semi finals, so they’re trying out everything they've wanted to do.

ㄴ KZ has the ‘undefeated Jungle’: Cuzz. I think KZ will win this match.


-  The two teams are so competitive in early phase. EVS has nothing to lose.

ㄴ What? A solo-kill against Khan? I didn’t expect that.

ㄴ Stark might be doing that 1000 push up routine.

ㄴ If KZ loses this match...

ㄴ It does seem that KZ is winning, but EVS looks like they want to win this game so bad.


- Man, the game is so messy. 14 kills in 10 minutes.

ㄴ Is this solo queue?

ㄴ It still is fun. KZ looks so desperate compared to their previous games.

ㄴ EVS seems like they’re doing this for the fans; the game is so fun.


- Cuzz is the carry. I’m about to cry. The “jelly god” Cuzz.

ㄴ KZ’s strategies were actually finishing 4th, as an underdog.

ㄴ And Cuzz is the last puzzle perhaps?

ㄴ 4/1/9. The game becoming so much different once Cuzz is subbed in. Isn’t he really good?

ㄴ Most of the main dealers gained some kills. I think KZ won the game already.


- How about Warzone? He was about to crash Bdd’s teeth, but it’s quite the opposite.

ㄴ His teeth got crashed by a jelly.

ㄴ It’s aight. Implants these days are really good.

ㄴ Real talk. Push ups have zero relations with esports.

ㄴ Some physical therapy from the “undefeated Jungle”.


- What’s up with the dive near the well?

ㄴ Some of the best performances from Jungle positions -Broxah, Xmithie and now Cuzz.

ㄴ High-fives. Some smiley faces. They look so happy.

ㄴ I want to join for a high-five.

ㄴ Stark's Kennen was quite cool, but he didn’t perform well after mid game.

ㄴ He was cool at least once, so it’s okay.


- (after the game) The highlight clip is almost a Cuzz montage.

ㄴ The jelly god.

ㄴ He was remarkable.

ㄴ Is this an introduction of Zac?

ㄴ Well, Khan was solo-killed. He’ll have to kneel a lot.

ㄴ I’m starting to worry about his knees...


Game 6 FNC vs TL

- The main event, once again.

ㄴ I don’t know why, but it feels like there’s already a winner.

ㄴ Everyone’s saying that TL looks like quite a strong team.

ㄴ Well, I would like to see the opposite.

ㄴ Doublelift is so cute.

ㄴ Caps is cute as well.

ㄴ Okay, Yasuo banned. EU’s best swordsman has just lost his sword.

ㄴ Olleh’s hair looks like he has been electrified.


- This game… I think that the teams will be waiting for Baron. They’re probably going to try to steal it.

ㄴ Okay TL picked Olaf. Olaf is winning a lot of games.


- Wait, TL is doing good so far. Are they dominating the early game?

ㄴ Is this the ‘potential’ Xmithie talked about?

ㄴ Was this planned beforehand?

ㄴ Imagine Rekkles giving a sign to Doublelift. A wink maybe lol.

ㄴ Probably they decided to make FNC win yesterday.


- A rather quiet game… It’s already 20 minutes.

ㄴ The teams are trying their best not to lose maybe? That’s why they’re so careful.

ㄴ They already used their powers against Vietnam so it’ll be really hard to play well against EU.

ㄴ World War lll lol.

ㄴ 2 wars in 1 day is too much.


- The ADC matchup is Jhin vs Sivir. FNC will get the advantage in late game.

ㄴ That’s why TL is trying hard to go aggressive and engage 5 vs 5s.

ㄴ Doublelift gets hit only once and the whole team falls back. Magical!

ㄴ Whoa, TL going for Baron first.

ㄴ Can they steal this? Oh, too far away I guess.


- The game lasted too long. Now FNC will gain advantage.

ㄴ Teamfight occurs right after this comment lol.

ㄴ Even if they had the advantage for the first 30 minutes, things might go wrong if they lose the last 1 minute.

ㄴ Rakan wasn’t going in for 30 minutes just for this one move.

ㄴ So, FNC wasn’t doing their best?


-  Cho’Gath, Malzahar dealing 0 damage?

ㄴ They died before they can do anything.

ㄴ There still is a gold gap… I think EU will gain the advantage soon enough.

ㄴ A bit different compared to the World War 2; the US gained advantage after when things lasted longer.

ㄴ Because Sivir didn't participate in that war.

ㄴ Now Malzahar can’t do anything. He’ll probably be hit by a CC once he gets in to land his ult.


-  Rekkles was hiding his powers.

ㄴ Jhin can’t take down Sion. If an ADC can’t kill him in a 35 minute phase, it basically means that they lost the game.

ㄴ They can’t lose please...

ㄴ Wasn’t today the day that NA should’ve won?


- (Caps, Hylissang down) So, it was the turn for NA to win.

ㄴ What is wrong with this MSI? lol. I’m dumbfounded.

ㄴ TSM! TSM! TSM! No wait, TL!

ㄴ It was always TSM so it feels like they’re in this game lol.

ㄴ FNC, the team that beat KZ + FW… And the team that beat FNC = TSM! No wait, TL.


- Reddit is going to blow again.

ㄴ I agree.

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