KZ Bdd: "If I play with Cuzz, I usually lead him, and if I play with Peanut, he does most of the leading."

In Game 5 of the MSI 2018 Group Stage Day 4, Kingzone DragonX (KZ) played against EVOS Esports (EVS).

As favorites, KZ was hit by several unexpected defeats and EVS was in danger of being eliminated from the tournament. Up to the mid game, the game was quite close. Each teams gave and took kills until it was 9-9 in kill score. However, after the mid game, KZ started to stack up benefits in their pockets. Once KZ took a visible lead, they widened the gap in no time and took the victory.

After the game, KZ mid laner Bdd was interviewed by Sjokz.

▲ Image from Riot Games Twitch Channel.

Q. You're coming to the MSI as the LCK MVP. How do you reflect on your performance so far in the tournament?

The results so far is quite disappointing. I think we should try harder to get back to the level of performance we showed in the LCK.

Q. You decided to play Cuzz in the jungle in the last game. We've mostly seen you play with Peanut. Since mid-jungle synergy is very important, how was it playing with Cuzz?

If I play with Cuzz, I usually lead him, and if I play with Peanut, he does most of the leading. Besides that, there's not much difference.

Q. You've locked a spot in the knockout stage. You can still fight to go up in the rankings. If you look at all the games, what do you think of the level of the teams so far and do you have confidence to take the entire tournament?

Even if we lose in matches, we need to be confident to win the competition. I think we're not playing as well as before, but if we watch videos of our performances and practice more, I think we could get back to that level.


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