RNG Karsa: "I've been able to learn so much from Mlxg to see what I can do better."

In Game 4 of the MSI 2018 Group Stage Day 4, Royal Never Give Up (RNG) played against Flash Wolves (FW).

RNG started Karsa in their jungle instead of Mlxg. Karsa had formerly played in FW and it was a pleasant reunion for him. However, his performance against them wasn’t very pleasant for FW. Karsa invaded FW jungle and stole a lot of the jungle creep.

Meanwhile, Uzi again played Kai’Sa and stacked an early quadra-kill in a teamfight. RNG never let FW catch up and the game ended in RNG’s victory.

After the match, Karsa was interviewed by Sjokz.

▲ Image from Riot Games Twitch Channel.

Q. Finally we get to see you on stage. What was it like to playing versus your ex-team Flash Wovles?

It's a memorable moment. I haven't been able to see my old teammates for a long time and now I've seen them on stage and actually beat them. I feel amazing.

Q. You've must have wanted to play for a bit seeing that RNG was a bit up and down. How do you reflect on your performance today? You stole almost every camp.

I didn't play much. I was a sixth man and watched a lot of scrims. I've been able to learn so much from Mlxg to see what I can do better. I'm glad that I can show that now with all the preparation.

Q. How do you reflect on your team's level so far and going forward?

I just try to play every game at my best. I don't really care who we play in the semifinals because if our goal is the championship, we'll have to take down everyone.


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