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TL Xmithie: "We still didn't show our true potential in the stage. We're still figuring out why we couldn't do that."


In Game 3 of the MSI 2018 Group Stage Day 4, Team Liquid (TL) came up on top against EVOS Esports (EVS). As both teams were down 1-5 and needed that victory, they appeared to play their best.

TL had a more global composition with Shen, Taliyah and Tahm Kench with Doublelift playing Kog’Maw. The early game was in EVS’ pace, but from mid game, they were outnumbered in most fights due to TL’s global skills. Gradually, TL became more and more favorable in the game and as Xmithie succeeded to steal Baron, the game tilted completely towards TL.

After the match, Xmithie was interviewed by Sjokz.

▲ Image from Riot Games Twitch Channel.

Q. What was the focus going into this game?

I guess the focus for today was just we have nothing more to lose and we just need to do our best and if the best is not up -- we tried our best.


Q. You have been able to show glimpses of what TL should look like when you played well. How have the last days been for you in your perspective?

I guess it was obviously frustrating for us. It was our first international stage and for us losing was like -- we won a lot in the NA LCS, and it's so different in the international stage; everyone's really really good, and sometimes we can't keep up. But I still think we still didn't show our true potential in the stage. We're still figuring out why we couldn't do that.

Q. Next up is the game against Fnatic which is always heated. What are your thoughts for that clash?

Definitely the game against Fnatic is one of our most important games. Obviously we have to win pretty much everything to get in. Like you said, there's the heat with the NA-EU rivalry. Hopefully we do our best, and we can do much better today.



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