FNC Bwipo: "Even in the games we lost, I feel like we could have won those games, we could have been the 7-0 team right now"

In Game 4 of the MSI 2018 Group Stage Day 4, Fnatic (FNC) defeated Flash Wovles (FW) and stopped FW’s undefeated winning streak.

FNC suffered from FW’s ganks and macro game, but they also played the macro game, taking what they could and giving up whatever they couldn’t and stayed close. As a result, Broxah stole Baron twice to keep FNC in the game and gained initiative. FNC’s main DPS champions scaled enduring the pressure from Betty and Maple and in the last teamfight, they were able to finally completely seal the victory.

After the match, Bwipo who played Camille was interviewed by Sjokz.

▲ Image from LoLEsports Flickr.

Q. Tell me exactly how thankful you are to Broxah for those Baron steals.

I think Broxah's really... There's really no words, right. I was talking to Broxah before the game, we were planning on doing this, 'Okay, when it comes to the Baron, and they go for it, just go fifty-fifty.' And if he gets the Baron, we end the game.

And then I was really disappointed, because we got that one Baron and failed really badly. So I was really disappointed at myself that I couldn't take the Camille and end the game with the first Baron, which I should have been able to. And then he took the second one, and he just basically gifted the game for us for free which was really really insane.

Q. You played Camille which is a carry, a different style. Can you tell me about the pick and is that something you guys want to do again?

We feel like a lot of the teams right now for example, especially Flash Wolves, tend to ignore side waves when they play tanks. And we think that this type of champion like the first game we played, I was the Swain, I was like a hundred or whatever CS up on him because he just refused to go side. So it opted into a champion that can just end the game if you do that. So I think the Camille pick may be something that we might revisit, I'm not 100% sure how we feel as I do think that we failed on execution here and there, but all in all, it looked pretty okay.

Q. You caught a bit of flack for being too confident, but you're here and you've beaten Khan. Where is Bwipo's mind at right now?

Right now, I just want to make sure our team gets out of groups. Once we lock in to Paris, I might be a little bit more active and hype up a bit more. But right now, I just try to be humble because honestly we need to get to Paris. I think as Fnatic right now, our biggest shot, the tournament's incredibly competitive, and even in the games we played, even in the games we lost, I feel like we could have won those games, we could have been the 7-0 team right now. I hope we get to show that form in the playoffs if we do get there, so I'm just trying as hard as possible to get us there.


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