RNG Mlxg: "We've been doing really well in scrims but we just haven't been able to show that in official matches."

In Game 1 of the MSI 2018 Group Stage Day 4, Kingzone DragonX (KZ) played against Royal Never Give Up (RNG). In the match, RNG was able to take the win and tied their record with KZ at 4-3.

Early in the game, Mlxg’s Lee Sin was killed during the invade phase and was again brought down by Peanut’s Graves and trailed two levels against him. However, Mlxg continued to tried to make a gap and gradually, RNG started to catch up. As a fight involving RNG’s Ornn and KZ’s Camille and Graves got bigger, RNG scored an Ace with the quick backup from Uzi’s Kai’Sa and the other teammates. Afterwards, KZ tried to cut off Uzi several times, but every time, Uzi was nearly invincible. As a result, RNG dominated the game and took the victory.

After the match, Mlxg was interviewed by Sjokz.

▲ Image from LoLEsports Flickr.

Q. Your Lee Sin had a very difficult start. How did you keep a cool head and come back to dominate KZ?

I thought the enemies were going to invade the red jungle, but instead, they came into our blue jungle. I was a bit careless about that so I got tricked by the Lv. 1 strategy. However, our team comp was more easier to fight small teamfights or in pickup fights so we were able to gradually pick up the kills and secure the game.


Q. Your next match is against Flash Wolves. Are you confident to take them down after how good you looked in Game 1?

We've been doing really well in scrims but we just haven't been able to show that in official matches. In today's match, we'll be able to play to that actual level and show how strong we truly are. If we are able to show it we'll do really well.

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