KZ PraY: "FW is the most dangerous team as of right now. We'll have to watch out for them in Round 2."

For the final match of the 2018 MSI Group Stage Day 3, Kingzone DragonX defeated TeamLiquid.

KZ closed out the tournament with a convincing win against TL. By building a more offensive team composition -- including an uncommon pick, Kindred -- KZ played much more aggressively than before, constantly looking for picks starting from the midgame. Along with Bdd's well calculated roams and near flawless teamfight coordination, Kingzone ended the day with their 3rd win. 

After the series, PraY was invited for an interview with Sjokz.

Why did you pick Kalista for that previous game?

We kept playing defensive picks up until today, so we decided to switch things a bit and play more offensively.

Flash Wolves had said in a previous interview that the meta favors offensive teams. Do you agree?

Since we're still in BO1, playing aggressively is not a bad idea.

You have played against every single team so far. Who's the most dangerous team in your opinion?

The team that we had lost to, FW. We'll have to watch out for them in Round 2.

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